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Osheaga 2018 – Top 50 Best Moments and Pictures [ Video ]


Osheaga ended up another epic (and crowded) edition last Sunday night – leaving 135 000 music fans in exhaustion and the hard post-osheaga’s depression. For it’s 13th edition, the festival scored an impressive crowd that certainly felt sold out for all 3 days – as it has been a few years in a row now for the young fresh festival that dragged once again around 70 percents of his attendees from outside the province.

This year, it’s Ontario which seems to have dominated the ground with 50% of the ticket’s sale. No Surprise about an invasion from our neighbours, the festival has been blessed with legendary performance and Osheaga’s reputation has now grown to be one of the most successful music festival in the world.

That being said, it is with great sadness that we start this piece with the extremely painful Collins Obiagboso‘s story. The 18 year old Ottawa man was missing from Osheaga during the weekend and the search tragically ended when his body was pulled out of the St.Lawrence River Monday. Longueuil police discovered the body but it remained unidentified until Tuesday evening.

“We agreed not to bring our phones or anything, so we don’t lose anything, people don’t try to steal our things,” said Collins’ friend, Wahib Ali . “I was pretty close to the [Nav] mosh pit… and after that, people were pushing him, it was too hectic. I didn’t have my phone, he didn’t have his phone, it was the last I saw of him. He didn’t have any money to get home.”

“The last thing he said is, ‘It’s too crazy.’ He nodded his head, backed out and I haven’t seen him since then.”

 Phil Vanden Brande, a spokesperson for concert promoter Evenko, told CTV News the company offers its deepest condolences . He said that in the 13-year history of the festival, there had never previously been a death related to the festival

Speechless, we are also extending our condolences to Obiagboso’s family – We hope to never have to share such a horrible story again – Please, we strongly recommend bringing your phone at osheaga – It is overall a very safe environment but you will absolutely lose a friend at some point. At any music festival you should at least set a meeting point at any obvious landmark on the site in case you get separated.

Read the Entire Obiagboso’s Story Here 

Evidently, the festival’s security is as shocked as we are. Access to the river is not that common on the festivals  ground – but after all we are on a small island and water is surrounding us in abundance .  Security is regularly reviewed to adjust to a number of new circumstances- – It is unlikely this incident will be ignored.

Futhermore, Osheaga is returning to his original site for the next year editions and construction’s are supposedly raising the site capacity to a scary 65 000 peoples each days – 25 000 more. Hopefully Evenko team’s will handle the extra traffic with care and safety measures accordingly. That’s a story to follow – Moving on –

Relive this year Osheaga with our Best Pictures and highlight you might have missed ! 


#1  Travis Scott, Biggest Delay and Latest Artist to ever perform at Osheaga 

Osheaga’s luck might not seem so obvious either on the first night for fans who were anxiously waiting for Friday’s headliner. The American rapper was more than delayed at the custom and arrived basically when the show was suppose to be over  – being scheduled at 21h45, it’s no wonder many of the fans had already left the festival ground by the time he made it – Some are asking for refund on twitter and one seriously disappointed fans even took Legal Actions. Nonetheless Travis, the famous boyfriend of Kylie Jenner, jumped on stage at 23:05  entering the Osheaga book in fire with a strong 45 mins performance  (thankfully) ! Not to forget all the momentum behind the artist who just released his new albums 3 days before.

#2 – Florence Walsh enjoying herself backstage during Arctic Monkeys 

We shouldn’t be so surprised to see Sunday’s headliner Florence & the Machine enjoying the show that much ! Alex Turner, the lead singer of Arctic Monkeys was a beast on stage singing and playing all instruments like a true rock star ! Like Florence we really, really enjoyed watching the band who was headlining for the first year. The band wasn’t at their first Osheaga experience but they never came armed with their old punk self and their amazing new suave rock from Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino   – See all the videos of her dancing at the show on her instagram



#3 – 16 Year Old Billie Eilish perform dynamite show with foot injury 

Billie Eilish is amongst absolute favourite performance of the year ! The brilliant 16 year old talent’s doesn’t stop to shock, but she gained tremendous respect rocking and jumping on the stage with a foot injuries that happened at a concert 2 days before. It did not stop the singer a single second and she was genuinely enjoying herself. ’ It’s my first show here, in Canada actually.. ‘’ Added Billie early on the show. Her smile and energy were striking and she infected the crowd with her insane dancing fuses – She even played her new song ”You Should See Me In A Crown” that was release not long ago ! – All uncredited photo by Xavier Hebert


#4 – The National Invite Montreal’s Little Scream for ”I Need A Girl”

“Hello. It’s good to be back here. How’s it going?” first stated lead singer Matt Berninger to his deeply enthusiastic fans . Fans of the National were already pretty exstatic when the band was annouced on the lineup last march, especially because their last performance at the festival is still amongst the most critically acclaimed one …

Famously known for their unique and powerful live act the atmosphere at the National Show  sunday was beyond transcendent and good. The mood was already set within the first song but when frontman Matt Berninger and his band mate invited Montreal’s Little Scream onstage to sing one of their most popular song – I Need A Girl – everything moved to a other level ! We also wish we had a video …

Blondie Makes us forget she’s 72 year old

When Debbie Harry and her band took the stage at 17:45 after repetitive Blondie!Blondie! chant from the crowd. We almost instantly forgot they were from another decade or four. The Heart of glass Disco-punk group started the show singing One Way Or Another with half of osheaga. Wearing her  ”Stop Fucking The Planet” cape she was definitely being a hero and an inspiration on the stage   –  Photo By P.Beaudry

 Allan Rayman’s voice live is even better than his Studio Version 

Allan Rayman has been called the most mysterious man in music but there’s no secret about his talent. When he takes the stage, the singer goes straight into his music – He didn’t waste a second and blew everyone’s mind at osheaga. He’s one of those passionate performers that just really gets into the music. His closing song, 13 could not have been more electrifyingly on point – see video below

”I really try to keep my cool – but I’m losing it….”  he said to the crowd with his shirt open.. ”I might be losing my mind… but I really like going crazy … ” 

Stranger Things’ Finn Wolfhards cover the Beatles with his Band

Finn Wolfhard’s indie rock band Calipurnia became a real buzz online last year especially with fans of the Famous Netflix Actor from  Stranger Thing. Wolfhard, Tesler-Mabe, Jack Anderson and Malcolm Craig became a sensation and are now playing festival all around North America. The band also dropped a crowd please cover of the Beatles’ ‘Don’t Let Me Down’

Wolfard “I just wanna say, I know it’s a big festival and I’m glad you guys are coming to see us,” ”Has anyone heard of the beatles ?”

Kali Uchis First Show in Montreal

Montreal’s Matt Holubowski receives Gold Certification and play unreleased Songs

Our very own Matt Holubowski on scene de la Montagne at 14:10 – Presenting his incredible Album Solitudes alongside his Elvis’ looking guitarist and superb team of violonist  –  Matt also gave us a taste of his new upcoming album with never-heard before song !

Later that day, Holubowski received a Gold record Certification plaque from Audiogram marking his 40 000 album sold – We were extremely lucky to get a one-on one interview on site with Matt Holubowski to discuss the festivals and his upcoming projects.

Lykke Li Mesmerizing Dress and Set 

Lykke Li also brought a wind of fresh energy at 20:10 to help us forget the Hot humid air. The Swedish indie-pop singer who performed at osheaga in 2009 and 2014 returned to Montreal with a solid danceable set filled with all the fan favorite song. Early on the show Li suited with her heavy black vinyl suit was definitely creating a mood declaring : ‘’this is the perfect time to Smoke Weed, I wish I had some  ‘’ .

Odesza Opening – Photos By P. Beaudry

Jame Blakes cover for Travis Scott  !

Most of the fans who left the main stage after Travis Scott’s delay ended up at James Blakes, the Londonian Mastermind who influenced artist such as Kanye, Béyonce, Drake and Frank Ocean. The 6′-6” gentle giant had already started his set at 21:45 to a massive crowd and people keep joining and joining ! He gave a set that mesmerized the crowd with his space upbeat sound and soft voice!  It was a great ambiance for both fans who were exhausted and those who were still hyperactive.


Post Malone’s Enourmous Crowd – Sunday Aug 5th

The Post Malone crowd is the kind of the nightmarish place for any agoraphobia and claustrophobic people to be. It was certainly one of the biggest crowd of the days and you didn’t really want to have to move through it.  The NY rapper gave more a show that almost felt like a headliner for some.

Photo below by P.Beaudry

Tash Sultana by herself, sound like 10 musicians !

Montreal’s Milk And Bone Perform Two Sets

Camille Poliquin and Laurence Lafond-Beaulne fans were able to catch them two times  this year.  The Montrealer performed both a DJ set and a Live music show.  Milk & Bone performed their DJ set Friday at the air-conditioned Perrier room and moved on to present their Stunning album Deception Bay in the full hot sun on Saturday ! – Photos By Pierre Bourgault

Dua Lipa Dance Party with all the Finger up !

The sun was hot but the dancefloor was even hotter when the 22-year-old performed for her first Osheaga. Dua Lipa is a pop star, but she’s not the usual one. She does not really care what you think ! She is here to make us dance and she does so, incredibly well. Her DGAF attitude was evident with her clothing and her Warning  ” This is a song for all Fuckboys who have done you wrong..”Please Put your middle fingers up”

Photo below by P.Beaudry

Shout Out To all the Parents with kids in the festival

Franz Ferdinand bring the punk back in town  – Photo by Tim Snow

Discovering This massive Guide to Good Drug Combinaisons



Shout Out #2 to all artists who were creating during the festival !

Alan Walker’s view during his night set- Photo by Alexanne Brisson

Discovering The Vans Shoes and Skate territory

Khalid in his coozy Nasa sweat suit  – Photo by P.Beaudry

Florence & the Machine blessing all our hangover !

“Are you guys having a good time so far?” she asked. “I know it’s the end of the festival, and it’s a lot — we’re going to heal you, okay? You’re going to leave this festival and nobody’s gonna have a hangover. No one’s going to have any regrets.”

And I doubt anyone did after seeing Florence dance like a angel barefoot all over the stage. Florence Walsh wasn’t at her first osheaga performance either, but she is always a phenomenal act to see live.

The incredible singer asked for no phone early on the show which made everyone thankfully more in the moment – Best highlight of the show without a doubt when she asked everybody to get on the shoulder of someone they loved – So did thousand of fans .


St. Vincent’s Outfit

Amongst most avant-gardist band that was presented at osheaga this year, St.vincent hold a pretty high spot on that list ! Dressed as such, they brought their futuristic outfit and music to the Osheagians, who were more than pleased to dance with the electro funk’s infused vibe – Photo By P.Beaudry

The Neighbourhood lead Singer showing his Surfing Skill

 Chromeo Return Home

The montreals boys came back with their retro disco-funk for another great set. They never disappointed at their to-many-to-count previous osheaga show – Once again Chromeo surprised us with a exciting and smooth show that grooved with crowd for a long time. – Photo by P.Beaudry

The floating Electronic dancefloor – Photo by Alexanne Brisson

the usual Fences’ Jumping after a show 

There’s always dancing at the fountain

Here are finally all the rest of our pictures


See all our pictures from the Osheaga’s Official Pre-party – With Performance from two Montreal’s bands :  Punctuation and ZouZ,


Written By Xavier Hebert _

Uncredited Photos taken By Xavier Hébert

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