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Smashing Pumpkins Cover Bowie, Fleetwood Mac And Led Zep At The Bell Centre (Video)

Smashing Pumpkins finally brought their ”Shiny and Oh So Bright’ reunion tour to Montreal last night for a impressive 3 1/2 hours set that transported everybody back to the early 90’s grungy era.

The Alternative rock giants reunited for their 30th anniversary in Jersey last friday presenting all sorts of special appearances, but it was Montreal’s turn to celebrate with the rock veteran.Throughout the Smashing Pumpkins’s 13-year existence up until 2000, the band cancelled only four shows and they did not cut any single corner at the Bell Center last night – Presenting a stunning 31 tracks set-list that included deep cut and covers from legendary artists !


Other than ex-bassist D’arcy Wretzky, who is not taking part in the comeback tour, most of the original members still alive joined frontman Billy Corgan for the anniversary tour ! The group suffered a messy break up back in 1999, but drummer Jimmy Chaberlin, guitarist Jame Iha (Perfect Circle)  and lead frontman Billy Corgan were back together for a spectacular and explosive night of rock.

The red curtains opened at 20:17 to a black sceen that projected the band’s most famous album cover alongside roars from the crowd that wore all the Nirvana and Pearl Jam’s shirts they had. After two minute pitch black, a white light cut the screen in two –  The legendary frontman walks out trough thunder of applause and cheers

Wearing his signature skirt, he grabbed his acoustic guitar and began the show with a powerful solo version of Disarm – A piece from their second album Siamese Dream.  At this points already most of us are in nostalgia singing ‘’The Killer in me is the Killer in you’’ chorus with the singer. Not to mention that the screens are constantly projecting sweet visual and videoclip from when the band was younger.


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The moment was unbelievable, but it didn’t take the very long for the band to make it even better.

The band blasted and destroyed the sound system with their hard rock hits all night. All albums were touched from the iconic Mellon Collie and the infinite Sadness album, to Adore, Machina and even the rarer Gish Album.  Smashing Pumpkins still have that electrifying grunge  energy that gets the crowd going and Billy hasn’t lost his unique and mysterious talent that made them popular in 1993.

But it really rose to another level when they presented their first cover of the night ! After the track Rhinoceros, they did an outstanding 4 min cover of David Bowie – Space Odditty. The crowd couldn’t belive and instantly began to sing ”Ground Control To Major Tom” ! It was a beautiful homage to the late genius and they even added their unique rock twist at the ends – see the video below


Smashing Pumpkins wasn’t done doing covers tough ! Halfway trough the concert, Corgan began an insane cover of a Fleetwood Mac Classic –Landslide. It was an out of this world rendition of the Stevie Nick’s lyrics  that seemed deeper than ever coming out of the lead Singer

The cover of Stairway to Heaven was even more unsuspected! When billy sat on the piano and began the Led Zeppelin epic 8 min track, four priests walked around the ground floor with a huge virgin Mary statue. They played the Jimmy Page and Robert Plant most popular track, creating a slow progressive build up to the famous guitar solo and got everyone mesmerized


It was a powerful performance and they showed Montreal fans that they were more than on top of their games !

Here is the full Set List

  1. (Billy Corgan solo)
  2. (David Bowie cover)
  3. Zero Speech Interlude
  4. Soma

    Mark McGrath Vaudeville Interlude #1
  5. (Fleetwood Mac cover)
  6. (Led Zeppelin cover
  7. Mark McGrath Vaudeville Interlude #2
  8. MuzzleEncore:
  9. (Betty Noyes cover)

Written By Xavier Hébert – Info@montrealtimes.ca

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