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Special Concert of ‘The Four Seasons of Vivaldi’


The Four Seasons of Vivaldi and magnificent movie themes … …under candlelight! Performed by the “Ambitus” string quartet Enchanting, inspired, and beautiful, a concert with a unique ambiance: a softly glowing fairyland of candlelight, moving narratives, exceptional musicians, and awe-inspiring music! All for the listening enjoyment of the audience at this concert!

Who has not yet experienced the pleasure of hearing the Four Seasons of Vivaldi composed in the year 1725? Did you know that these are the most recorded compositions in the entire history of music? Not surprising, considering the richness of their melodies, at times joyful, at other times soothing, never ceasing to enchant lovers of fine music by their bewitching charm!

Among the composers of the Baroque age (1650 to 1750), Vivaldi is the best known of all ! His 450 concertos and the collection of his religious music make him the most popular and most prolific composer of his time!

But how can one explain the popularity of his Four Seasons? Certainly their great melodic beauty, but surely also because of the feeling of joy left in the heart of the listener! We never tire of hearing them! As soon as the melody starts, the magic begins!

The Four Seasons of Vivaldi will take place at: Lumière du monde Church, 11075, Gouin boul. E. Fri. September 14 – 8pm

You will have the chance to listen in a magical environment, just right for listening, and wonderfully lit by candles! The Tiffany string quartet will provide an interpretation that could only be described as enchanting, elegant, and filled with wonder! You will also hear: The overture “Guillaume Tell” by Rossini, an exceptional medley of movie themes (Love Story, The Godfather, Titanic, Unchained Melody, once upon a time in the west, …) and some of the best Tango ! In addition, for each of the works on the programme there will be a special presentation. Their genesis will be unfolded for you in the form of short stories … of the kind that begin with … “Once upon a time…”

Come and hear this masterpiece of Vivaldi and thrilling movie themes … under candlelight, and experience some truly great moments of joy in music!

Tickets ($30) on sale at Salon Andrée, 13075, Gouin E. and at the door the night of the concert. 514) 774-9148 or www.concertchandelle.com 

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