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The Brooks launch Electrifying new EP at l’Astral – Sold out (Photo)


It’s not just friends and families that reunited with the Brooks Tuesday night for an intimate set, it’s also their dedicated and loyal fans that danced unconditionally all night while discovering the four new singles. It was the perfect way to celebrate the upcoming Jazz festival.

The Montreal band delivered an outstanding performance presenting their last EP :  “Free Wheelin’Walking” at the sold out location in Place-des-arts before leaving for a European tour.

The 8 talented band members played a 2 hr long set, adding tracks from their previous album Pain & Bliss, with groovy instrumental jams along with electrifying solos from each band member.

The Soul singer, Alan Prater, who joined the band for their first non-instrumental record – Pain & Bliss – back in 2016, delivered an impressive prestation with his exceptional voice, natural funky grooves and insanely contagious energy.

Already back in 2015, when The Brooks took the stage at the Jazz festival in Montreal, critics claimed that if you closed your eyes you could almost hear James Brown, last night the ressemblance was striking.

The crowd celebrated the 70’s infused funk-Soul- music with such a joyful vibe turning every corner into an intense dance floor.

The Brooks passion and chemistry is so genuine and their energy on stage has always managed to bring another level to the party … their live act is an underrated gem of Montreal that will bring you back to Chicago and relive the funky-Soul era.

We will be lucky to see the band in August, right here in Quebec, at Osheaga,  Levis’ Jazz Festival, and at the Naufrageur in Carleton-sur-Mer. Many tour dates will be announced in the weeks to come.

The Brooks consist of eight brilliant musicians, mainly players for hire, that have all worked alongside major artists:

the singer : Alan Prater, (Micheal Jackson, The Jacksons)
known around Montreal jazz scene as a legend

The incredible bass player: Alexandre Lapointe (Betty Bonifassi, Jason Badaja, Joel Campbell),

Keyboard and Piano master : Daniel Thouin (Left) (Fred Fortin, Yannick Rieu),
The perfect Rhythms duo  : Marc Bell  on percussion (in the Middle) (Bran Van 3000, Lauryn Hill),
and Maxime Bellanvance on the Drum (Right) (Beat Market, Yann Perreau),

Guitarist : Philippe look

Saxophonist : Sébastien Grenier (Left) (Marie-Christine Depestre, Martin Levac),
and finaly Trumpetist : Hichem Khalfa (right)(Hichem Khalfa quartet)

Photo Credit: Manoucheka Lachérie


Free Wheelin’Walking is available online today


« The Brooks deliver a full on 70’s infused funk fest jam. Their musical agility raises the bar of musicianship to a whole new level. I can literally see James Brown and Prince looking down and nodding their approval that The Brooks are now carrying on the flame of soulful funk. »
– Ron Roxtar, Curtainsup

« This one’s a sparse, funk rumble with a growling vocal that evokes the best of a certain James Brown. »
– Bill Buckley, Soul and Jazz and Funk

« Le secret funk le mieux gardé en ville. »
[ the most well kept funk secret in the city]
– Émilie Côté, La Presse




by Xavier Hébert : Xavier@mtltimes.ca


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