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Canada Ranks #1 As Most Christmassy Country


According to ‘Taxi2airport’, an online taxi reservation system covering airports around the world, Canada is #1 when it comes to the most ‘Christmassy’ country in the world! Canada may be distinct in many ways, but being number one in the eyes of Santa Claus’ many dedicated fans- is a distinction worthy of a few belly jiggles, laugh-out-loud ‘Ho-Ho-Ho’s’! and’We’re number one, eh!’.

Canada Ranks #1 As Most Christmassy Country

By analyzing a variety of studies, articles and surveys relating to Christmas – using sources like Spotify, Google Trends, Rough Guides, CNN and CN Traveler, they compiled their ‘Global Festive Ranking’ list. They were able to determine what factors were important to people during the holidays and what they would typically associate with being ‘Christmassy’. What they found to be most important were: Christmas Travel Recognition, Chance of Snow, Christmas Search Interest, Christmas Music and Christian Population (67.3% of Canadians reported they were Christian).

Canada ranked in the number one spot due to several factors like; the highest percentage of people who listen to Christmas music, the highest chance of a white Christmas, Christmas Traveler visits, skiing with Santa at the world-renowned Whistler Blackcomb ski resort to ice skating around Lake Louise and riding in horse-drawn sleighs. Following Canada’s number one ranking were: 2-Norway, 3-Iceland, 4-Liechtenstein, 5-Finland, 6-Lithuania, 7-Sweden, 8-USA, 9-UK and 10-Ireland. (See Chart for full list).

O’ CANADA we stand on guard for thee, O’ CANADA WE’RE JUST SO #1 CHRISTMASSY!

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