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Cyclists allowed to cross intersections on red lights


As of Thursday April 18th, cyclists in Montreal will be allowed to cross an intersection when the light is red and the pedestrian signal is activated – but pedestrians still have the right of way and cyclists must stop and give them priority. This is all part of the changes to Quebec’s Highway Safety Code; Bill 165 ‘An Act to amend the Highway Safety Code and other provisions’ that was adopted unanimously by the Quebec National Assembly on April 18, 2018.

Here are just some of the other laws and obligations already in place cyclists must abide by. The fines that go with them are between $80 to $100. *For a full list and details please go to the SAAQ website at https://saaq.gouv.qc.ca/en/road-safety/modes-transportation/bicycle/what-the-law-says).


– obey traffic signs and traffic lights at all times, even when turning right on a red light – even if the way is clear, a red light or a stop sign means that you have to come to a complete stop and then wait for the green light.

– yield the right of way to vehicles and other cyclists that have priority at an intersection – and to pedestrians who enter the intersection or who indicate the intention of entering the intersection.

– signal their intentions without interruption and over a sufficient distance to make sure that other users have seen them.

– ride in a single file when riding in groups: a group can be made up of 15 cyclists maximum.

– ride with the flow of traffic – except if signs authorize cycling against the flow of traffic or in case of necessity.

– obey traffic signs and signals.


– on highways and on their access and exit ramps.

– against the flow of traffic, unless signs indicate otherwise or in case of necessity.

– on sidewalks, except in case of necessity or where directed or authorized to do so by a sign or signal.

– while wearing earphones or headphones that cover one or both ears.

– while using a portable electronic device, hand held or not (while viewing information displayed on a display screen under certain conditions it is allowed – see SAAQ site).

– between 2 lanes of moving vehicles, unless the vehicles travelling in the lane to the right of the cyclist are in a lane reserved for right turns.

By: Bonnie Wurst – info@mtltimes.ca


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