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Find out about the education system of Montreal


Here you can find out the four-stage system of Canadian education in Montreal with English and French languages of learning.

Education system in Montreal

Most parents do not want to move to Montreal because the language of school learning is French. While there are schools that teach in English, they are incredibly scarce. The best education system in Canada follows three-stages:

  • Primary
  • Elementary
  • Post-secondary

But the system in Montreal has four stages:

  • Elementary
  • Cycle I secondary
  • Cycle II secondary
  • College and university

According to the French language charter, all learners need to attend French-language public schools except those whose parents have done most of their elementary education in English, or the parents are Canadian citizens. It is also applicable if the siblings of the students have done most of their education in English. The best essay writing service for Montreal students understands this important fact. For this service, the rules above do not apply to first nation children and temporary residents.

The government funds the primary and secondary positions. A child is expected to join kindergarten being five years old and will complete their last grade at 18 years. Students are required to attend classes from Monday to Friday for at least 6 hours. Each year, there are 190 school days. The learners’ year always starts after Labor Day in September and ends in June.

In Montreal, the education system differs from ones in Canada and other provinces. This difference is mainly because there is an additional college level known as CEGEP which is the college of general and vocational education. It also provides students with a preparatory course and technical trade work specializations. Students get a two-week holiday during Christmas and another one week break in February or March. They are also closed during territorial, public and provincial holidays.

In these schools, English is taught as a second language. English-based education systems also offer French immersion and other bilingual programs that teach both French and English simultaneously.


Report cards from schools show letters and three marks for each subject. The average of all three marks is calculated. In Montreal, the passing mark is above 60%.

Primary education

Students begin learning process at the age of 5 or 6. Primary education ends at the 6th or 8th grade. It is intended to prepare students for secondary education. The classes have only one teacher who instructs on all the subjects. Although, there may be specialized teachers who teach students subjects like physical education, music, and visual arts.

Secondary education

It is commonly known as high school. Here, students are free to choose the subjects they prefer. These subjects are all taught by individual teachers. It covers 5 years from grade 7 to 11. Junior high school starts at 7th grade and ends at 8th, while senior high school starts at 9th grade and ends at 11th. Students usually get a high school diploma after graduation.

The highest number of students attend private systems. They are considered the best option for expat families because they have an elevated learning level and they suit the specific needs of particular religions and languages. For high school enrollment students are picked according to their score in scholastic exams, and a record of their entire high school performance is taken to account. Parents need to check the schools they enrol their children to ensure that all children needs will be covered. Children with special needs should be taken to fitting schools, so they get the best possible assistance.

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