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Lac-Mégantic Benefit Concert for Victims October 12th


Lac-Mégantic Benefit Concert for Victims to be held in Pointe-Claire
by John Symon

The “Concert for Lac-Mégantic” will take place on Saturday, October 12 at Le Pionnier in Pointe-Claire. All proceeds from the concert will benefit the food bank “La Banque Alimentaire du Granit.” This food bank is a service provided by the “Centre d’action bénévole du Granit.” It provides food baskets to individuals and families in need in Lac-Mégantic and surrounding municipalities.

The food bank normally provides roughly 2,000 Kg of food a month, but in the two weeks following the July 6 tragedy, it distributed 6,600 Kg of food, then 3,500 Kgs in August. In the coming weeks, there will again be an increase in applications as the Red Cross will stop giving out food vouchers to families affected by the disaster – not to mention the anticipated increase in demand ahead of this year’s Christmas basket season.

“The idea for this concert was sparked when I was drumming down by the lake at sunset in late July,” explains organizer Darryl Hosquet. “My thoughts and intentions turned to the community of Lac-Mégantic. I imagined my own home town of Valois in Pointe Claire where the train lines run right next to the main strip. I wondered what devastating effects a train derailment of that magnitude would have on its residents, commercial centre, environment, and pub – which is where most of the victims were at the time of the tragedy.”

“I drummed as much healing energy out across our lake towards Lac-Mégantic as I could, and then I realized we need more people involved, we need a community involved to really push this energy across.”

Hosquet and his group, The River Beauty Band, have already organized concerts for other charities. “The wheels were then set in motion to assemble drummers and dancers and various percussionists under the band name The Lunar Illusion. Joining the Lunar Illusion is another local drumming group called The Village Drummers, and the crowd is encouraged to join in with drumming, dancing or playing simple percussive instruments provided at the show. The concert also features performances by other local bands.

Mark Ware will open the concert at 8 pm with an acoustic set of original songs. Then, rock ‘n blues band, Contra Band will get the joint rockin’ – followed by The Lunar Illusion composed of 15 African djembe drummers, dancers, and percussionists. The Lunar Illusion’s set is billed as a healing drum circle experience, encouraging audience participation by playing of various simple percussive instruments provided at the show, or dancing, etc. The night will be capped off by rock and blues legends – ZazoO and the Electric Jam Band.

“This Concert for Lac-Mégantic is a real community effort – it’s one community helping another through the healing energy of music! Poster and ticket printing services were donated by Mike Simpson at The Business Box, merchants in the Pointe Claire Village have been instrumental in promoting the event by displaying posters in their cafes and shops – or being points of purchase for tickets. Euromarché will have a bin in-store to collect non-perishable foods. Dianne and the folks at Le Pionnier have donated a show room to host the event, and of course, the musicians are playing for free.

A Concert for Lac-Mégantic
Saturday, October 12 from 8 p.m.
Le Pionnier (286 Bord-du-Lac in Pointe-Claire)

Tickets are $15 and available at these Pointe Claire Village merchants: Le Bolivar; Des Bons Voisins; Epicerie Prette; Om West; Le Glacier Bilboquet; & Phase II. Tickets purchases and donations can be made at: lacmegantic.eventbrite.ca

or donations can be made using PayPal.com
Donations using PayPal.com go through email address: lacmeganticconcert@yahoo.com

Questions or comments can be addressed to Darryl Hosquet at: dhosquet@yahoo.com

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