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Police patrolling Montréal beaches … Heavy fines doled out


Montreal Police have been patrolling the local beaches quite severely in recent weeks, and with the heat waves coming sporadically over the last little bit, the citizens of Montréal have certainly been looking to cool off. But they won’t be finding that much-needed reprieve from the heat at their local beaches as it turns out.

At beaches like Cap St -Jacques, anywhere up to five or more police cruisers can be seen throughout the day—and even at one single time—monitoring the amount of people allowed onto the beach area. When the temperatures first started to rise this summer season, the beach became quite crowded and people were parking anywhere they could. (via D. Marinelli)

 The issue here, of course became parking, and the tickets and fines were doled out without mercy, seemingly right from the start. This of course wasn’t the only instance in which this occurred. This too happened in the town of Rawdon, Quebec  a few weeks back, resulting in that municipality officially blocking outsiders from the region entry at local beaches and the world-famous Dorwin Falls.

In Montréal, barricades can still be seen at beaches like Cap St-Jacques and for very good reason. It seems people are still trying to gain access to the beach despite the fact that the beach is full to capacity due to the restraints of the Covid-19 virus; municipality leaders feeling that a limit on the amount of people allowed in certain areas being the best way to stop the spread of Covid. The only issue of course is the fact that most people aren’t really listening, nor taking the proper precautions when at such locations.

As it turns out, even the residential streets in the area on the furthest most western tip of the island have been barricaded, people randomly parking on said streets again for access to the beach.

The entrance that seems to be getting less attention from the authorities seems to be the road that leads to the nature park which is a small distance from the main beach entrance, but in the heat that the city has been going through in recent weeks, we doubt that a walk through nature is what citizens are looking for.

So like everything that the citizens of Montréal have been going through since this pandemic came about, this is something we’re all going to have to get used to. Restrictions and restraints seem like they’re going to stay for the long haul folks, and in the end, there’s nothing we can do but comply and hope for an end in sight. 

By Domenic Marinelli – info@mtltimes.ca

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