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Pont Rouge Farms exposed


By Valerie Brecknock

On Saturday April 19th CTV’S W5 reported on images of animal abuse inside a Veal farm near Quebec City. When I saw this piece, and thank you W5 for exposing yet again another case of animal cruelty on these commercial farms, when I saw what was being done to these baby calves, it made me sick to my stomach. I stopped eating veal about 25 years ago because of an investigative report I saw on how calves were raised for the pleasure of our consumption. Veal apparently is deemed one of the most tender of meats.

This W5 report showed the employees kicking and punching and shocking these little innocent calves, and then confining them to small wooden crates. From the time they can stand to the time they go to slaughter, these little animals are treated with abuse every day they live on this earth, which by the way is not long. Imagine from the time they are born to the time they are finally taken out of their misery they feel pain. I am again not saying all commercial farms treat their livestock like this one, but a lot of veal farms crate these animals in tiny crates. They barely can stand. It was extremely hard to watch.

The group that shot the undercover video is Mercy for Animals they said “800 calves at the farm, which is affiliated with Delimax Veal, one of the largest producers are frequently subjected to horrible treatment”.

There are no penalties because farming is self-regulated. That’s why there are no mandatory inspections done by the governments. This has got to change. Mercy for Animals has given their findings to the SPCA in hopes that they will do an investigation. The SPCA has the power to go in but the ministry of agriculture are the judge and jury and it could take months before they even hear the case. Again the ministry has to hand the power over to the SPCA permanently so the action can be taken immediately after the report of abuse.

The Quebec Veal Association has a “Plan” to modernize their farms by 2018 and it should eliminate the crates the animal lives in. 2018 WHAT? Why so long? Why not 2015? I’m sure it takes time to reconstruct the animals new living quarters but 4-5 years?
I’m baffled. Bottom line the farms don’t have to. There are no inspections.

People can eat obviously what they want but I urge you to see this report, well done W5, maybe it will make us think twice when we sit down for a feast of veal how this very young animal was treated for us to eat.

Please go to Google Crated Cruelty and sign the petition that Mercy for Animals has started.

Thank you.

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