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PQ youth want shorter work week and Quebec dollar


Quebec dollar – The youth wing of the Parti Québécois want to ‘shake things up’ in La Belle Province. At their next conference in March (the Comité national des jeunes du Parti québécois) they will be voting on proposals from a 10-page document of suggestions they put together. After the Parti Québécois’ significant defeat in the last election, members of the youth wing want to see the candidates, now running for the party leadership, take a stand on their proposals. A ‘mixture of ideas that will make things happen’, according to Frederique St-Jean, President of the youth wing, and that the objective in the end is ‘to get people talking about ideas for an independent Quebec’. It should not come as surprise to Quebecers – the PQ has always stood for an independent Quebec and they have come very close to succeeding in that goal before. Some of the youth wing’s proposals are sure to resonate with the party and even rattle a few minds.

PQ youth want shorter work week and Quebec dollar

For one, they want or rather demand, should the Parti Québécois form the next government, that in their first mandate they hold a referendum on Quebec independence. Moreover, in an independent Quebec, Quebecers should have a shorter workweek, from 40 hours to 30 hours only. They want them to reduce the number of hours per day and even introduce a four-day workweek in the summertime, stating the move ‘would have benefits for the mental health of Quebecers’. Furthermore, another proposal is for a ‘Quebec-specific currency’. They would call it a ‘piastre’ – a moniker first introduced by René Lévesque, the founder of the PQ and Premier of the province from November 1976 to October 1985. (The piastre is a type of currency, a coin – originating from the Italian word for ‘thin metal plate’).

Other proposals include banning sales of gasoline-powered cars by the year 2030 – and that they put in place a ‘zero-waste policy to ban single-use plastics and to levy fines on companies that sell products in excessive packaging’. They want to make their agenda clear – and should the Parti Québécois regain its foothold in La Belle Province, the ‘shaking up’ could be interesting to say the least.

By: Bonnie Wurst –

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