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Mont Saint-Sauveur REOPENS!


Contrary to the Antarctic’s glaciers, Mont Saint-Sauveur’s glacier doesn’t seem to want to melt! Therefore, Mont Saint-Sauveur is surprised and very happy to announce that it will reopen for the long weekend at our door. Skiers and snowboarders will get the chance to enjoy the massive quantity of snow on the 70 West trail from 9am to 5pm this upcoming Saturday, Sunday and Monday, May 17-18 and 19th.

Open since last October 30th, Mont Saint-Sauveur adds another 3 days of operations to its 2013-2014 season, for a grand total of 178 days. We wish to thank all are faithful fans for their passion of the sport and invite them to watch the first Montreal Canadiens / New York Rangers game in the T-BAR 70, this Saturday at 1pm.

All the more, skiers and visitors will be able to complete this unexpected ski weekend with a visit to the PARC F.U.N. Fantastic, Unique and in Nature) and the thrills of its alpine roller coaster, zip line, planes, tea cups and giant tree.

Proud to offer Quebec’s longest ski season, Mont Saint-Sauveur continues to prepare the opening of Mont Saint-Sauveur’s Water Park, the largest Water Park in a mountain setting, set for June 9th.

Bon ski and enjoy the game!

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