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10 great countries you can visit on a college budget


College is your first step towards independent adult life. While in college you will start learning indispensable life skills. You will gain knowledge inside and outside the classrooms. However, college life is not all about studying hard and learning life skills. College is the time when you have the independence to enjoy your life without having to worry about getting to work the next day. Utilise all your term breaks to explore the world.

Exploring the world on a college budget does not mean harsh travel conditions. There are many countries around the world where your shoestring budget will give you a wonderful experience. As a student traveller, you have the opportunity and flexibility of enjoying a budget holiday to many countries. There are many hidden gems around the world which are a student traveller’s paradise. However, here are ten popular destinations which are cheap, safe and convenient for budget holidays:

The Netherlands

Amsterdam is all that they show in movies and even more. You can spend your nights partying and engaging in legal debaucheries. You can spend your days touring the historic city and enjoying lazy canal cruises. A trip to western Europe is usually not cheap, however, with the right planning you can find yourself enjoying Amsterdam without breaking the bank. Dorm rooms are extremely cheap, and you can even find short term income opportunities to fund your stay. If you have an artistic skill you can share, you can make money off of it during your stay.


A country that has fewer visitors in western Europe is Portugal. While Lisbon is the most popularly visited tourist stop, Algarve is where you should go. The coastal town has a cost of living which is 30% less than that of the rest of western Europe. You can find quaint accommodations and cheap local meals. There is much to do in Algarve – hiking, beach activities, gorging on seafood and visiting castles are activities to engage. If you visit Portugal, you can split your holiday between Lisbon and Algarve.


After the second Hangover movie, Thailand has become a popular bachelor party destination. However, you do not have to be getting married to enjoy the budget party destination. Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, has areas like Khao San where you can find accommodation at unimaginably low rates. You will not have to enter a proper restaurant during your entire stay. You can simply go to street food vendors and get handed gigantic servings of hygienic food for a few cents. If you want to enjoy the beaches, you can fly to Phuket or Krabi. A cheaper beach destination in Pattaya, which is a bus ride away from Bangkok.


A combination of adventure and soul searching is what a trip to Indonesia is all about. The green chain of islands is where you can make memories. Sumatra is the most visited island which you can target. Flights to Indonesia are extremely cheap, reducing the overall cost of the trip. Snorkelling, fishing, hiking, elephant interactions and lazing on beaches will keep your days in Indonesia busy.


A large country with a lot of tour options. Different parts of the country provide a different experience. You can visit the capital Delhi to soak in the history and visit the Taj Mahal. You can head to Goa to enjoy a cheap beach holiday. You can visit Gir Forest to see Indian Lions. The well-developed tourism industry and reasonable accommodations go hand in hand to make India one of the best cheap places to travel.


The site of the historic Angkor Vat is not all that there is to explore in Cambodia. While the other Asian countries have become more expensive due to the boom in tourism, Cambodia is yet to catch up. The Cambodian government is trying to improve and organize the tourism industry. You can still find four- and five-star accommodation at cheap rates in the country. You can easily stay for months in Cambodia, paying someone to do your assignments might allow you to enjoy more time in the country.


Unless you want to go to the Galapagos, Ecuador offers a paradisal budget holiday. The capital city, Quito, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site where you can find highly affordable accommodations. The street food and the old-world cityscape is a refreshing change from the bustling metropolitan cities. The country has spent millions to ensure that tourists do not face any inconvenience during their stay in Ecuador.


Most people look at the Inca trail tour packages and assume that Peru is an expensive destination. If you are not paying the incredulous amounts for the Inca trail packages, you can enjoy a Peruvian budget holiday. You can hike to various Incan ruin sites by yourself. Accommodation and food are cheap, and there are many free activities to enjoy.


When you think about a crazy college break holiday, Romania might not be your first option. The Eastern European country is a very affordable holiday option. A daily expense of $40 is all you need to spend in Romania. You can go on treks and visit spooky castles while on your trip. From Romania, you can visit Bulgaria and Moldova as well.


Are you interested in historical sites but cannot afford a trip to famous historical destinations? You do not have to spend tons of money to visit Italy, Greece, and Egypt to see well-preserved monuments. A view of the Mediterranean from the affordable European country is the best your student money can buy.

How to travel cheap is as important as finding an affordable travel destination. Book rooms, tickets, and tours well ahead of time. Look for discounts and coupons which you can use to save more money. Try to get in touch with reliable locals who can stay with during your holiday. Pack essentials and travel light to save money on check-in luggage. Do not lose track of your money or your passport. When using public transport try to buy all-day passes and get student discounts. Planning is the most important part of a budget holiday. Do not leave any college work for the break time so that you can fly out to explore the world.

By: Crystal Roman

Author Bio –Having completed her masters in Tourism and Leisure, Crystal has covered 37% of her “Countries to Visit” list. She enjoys freelancing as a tour instructor to fund her travel expenses. Living out of her backpack has given her many stories to write home about. While she believes in travelling light, her journal is a constant companion during her travels. Crystal chooses to leave most of her gadgets behind while she collects her travel memories in postcards and hand-written journal entries.  Borders are imaginary lines which cannot come in the way of Crystal Roman!


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