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1st ever hourglass workout to hit Montreal





IMG_8509            The latest trend to hit the city of Montreal is the Hourglass Workout!  Don’t get scared off when you see the words BOOT CAMP, get motivated and get moving with Thessiane!  She’s waiting for you to sign-up for a free first class, which gives you a chance to see the new rage that has taken over Ontario.  We can’t let Ontario have all the fun, come on ladies, let’s show them what we got!  This program is especially created for women by a woman.  Apparently it has gone viral on Instagram and facebook.  Friends are telling friends about it.

Lyzabeth  Lopez is behind the creation of the Hourglass workout.  She is a Holistic nutritionist and a personal trainer from Ontario.  In 2007, she created this program for women’s needs and to help them live a healthy lifestyle.  She hopes to bring this program to the United States some time this year.

Thessiane Mbaïngo is the reason it exits in Montreal, she is the first trainer to bring it here.  Thessiane is a mom of a 4 year little girl, she found herself 60 pounds heavier with the birth of her baby.  The Hourglass workout helped her find her healthy lifestyle again.  Thessiane is not new to training, she has been in a serious of competitions over the years, and she finished in 1st place figure medium at the Provincial Quebec championship in 2012.  She has a list of certifications such as a MMA Fitness trainer; she is certified in First Aid CPR/AED and a certificate in Agatsu Kettelbell, just to name a few.  You may recognize Thessiane when you see her; she has been featured in Oxygen, Fitness Quebec and Fit Figures magazines.

Thessiane and Lyzabeth are long time friends; they have both attended similar competitions over the years.

She rents a studio; it is located at 202 Prom Ronald in Montreal West.  The studio has a big garage door that can be opened in warmer weather; her plan is to take the workout outside when weather permits.  When you walk in you are amazed by all the equipment around the room.  All of the following are included in weekly and monthly workouts.


Kettlebells                                       Hurdles, steps and plyo boxes

Free weights                                    Yoga mats

Skipping ropes                                gliding discs

Ankle weights                                  Ropes

Boxing equipment                            Cables and gym equipment

Medicine balls                                   Stability balls and bosu balls

4I had the opportunity to meet Thessiane; she is sweet, lovely and ready to kick your butt.  She kicked mine, I feel the pain, and it’s a good kind of pain.  She is fluent in English and French.  She says, “I understand people who want to get back into shape and feel better about themselves.  I am able to modify the programs as we go along for your individual needs.  If you are more advanced or you want to just loose weight or you want to build your upper body muscles, I can help you.”    She incorporates exercises for your legs and glutes every week.  She was personally trained by the creator Lyzabeth.                                                         The program is much more than just working out when you want; you have to follow the schedule.  Most weeks there are 3 classes; certain weeks you have a workshop on the weekend, which means you may only have 2 classes that week.  The program helps you figure out what are the right foods to pick when you are at a restaurant and what foods to always stay away from.  These are guide lines that you will learn and take away with you for always.

What Does Membership Include?

11 classes per month

1 Custom Holistic Eating Plan catered to your goals and needs

1 additional proper form and technique class- to help you maximize getting results!

1 additional nutrition workshop per month

Access to a secret facebook support group

*Healthy girl’s day out! (*extra fees may apply here depending on activity)

“Once a month we all go out to do a fun healthy activity so the girls get to know each other outside of the class like eating in healthy restaurant, indoor rock climbing, roller skating, bowling … That’s why there’s a great bond between the girls”  says Thessiane.

You can sign-up for one month, three or six or even a year, there are payment options and full payment available.  If you decide to try it out for three months, the price would be $185 per month.  A year paid in full is $1800, $150 per month.  If you decide to drop-in it costs $35, if you purchase a 3 class pass, it is $66.  You have many options to choose from when signing up.  The classes are held on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings, 6 to 7 or 7:15 to 8:15.

2   I spoke with some of her clients, Betina and Nathalie.  They said, it is a program that is customized for the woman’s body therefore it targets women’s problem areas.  It’s strong enough for a man but made for a woman.  When I spoke to Laura she said, “It’s like personal training but in a group.  It’s like a community.”

Words like women’s support group and a social gathering were being said around the room.  One woman said she left her 5 a7 to rush over for her class; her friends were shocked that she was leaving for exercise.  As I looked around the room, the women were laughing, greeting each other, smiling and loving every minute of their intense workout with Thessiane.  Some told me she is the best instructor, she moves around the room constantly helping you, guiding you and motivating you.

Be sure to check out the Hourglass Three Month Challenge, the women who enter have a chance to win prizes; it’s a way to encourage motivation.  One of the prizes is a photo shoot with an industry photographer or a free two month Hourglass Work­out membership.  During the challenge you will watch your body transform.  You need to take pictures of yourself before and after and submit them in.

“Being healthy and active is not about being perfect; it’s about making small changes and being consistent to reach your fitness goals.”  You may forget to breathe while lifting your kettlebell but don’t fret Thessiane will remind you!


For more information please visit the website at www.hourglassworkout.com


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