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5 reasons why canadian students buy essays online


Across Canada, students work tirelessly to produce millions of essays every semester. The essay is perhaps the most iconic university assignment, but also one of the most dreaded and least understood. Today, there is an epidemic of students buying essays online to take a shortcut between receiving an essay assignment and submitting a finished essay. Professors across the country have begun to take notice of the increasing number of essays that don’t seem to match students’ typical writing styles, and universities are tightening their policies on purchasing essays. So why do Canadian students buy essays online?

There are five key reasons that the essay writing industry is thriving in Canada today.

  1. Students don’t know how to write. The most important reason that Canadian students purchase essays is because they don’t know how to write well. Students come to university from high schools that don’t always prepare them well for college level writing. Without a thorough background in essay-writing skills and a deep understanding of the mechanics of writing, students face challenges when they are confronted not just with the need to write an essay but the need to write many essays for many classes at the same time. Weak writing skills can lead students to seek out help from online writing services when they don’t have other options.
  2. Students don’t know how to research. The internet has made it easier than ever to research high quality sources for papers, but many university students don’t know how to find the best sources, or even how to tell legitimate sources from fake ones. For many students, Wikipedia and Google are the extent of their understanding of the research process. But the best quality sources live in academic databases in universities’ online libraries. A lack of experience and a lack of training in how best to use these library databases can leave students baffled and bewildered. As a result, they are more likely to turn to online essay writing to help to make up for their lack of research skills.
  3. Students are overscheduled and overworked. The average student needs to complete at least one essay per week and sometimes as many as three or even four, especially at midterms and finals time. Even the best students can become overwhelmed by the amount of writing required in courses where essays are increasingly seen as the primary method of evaluating student learning. When you combine this with the fact that many students are also loaded down with extracurricular activities, internships, and jobs, you have a perfect storm conspiring to overwhelm even the most prepared students. In this environment, buying an essay online becomes a stopgap to prevent missed work and failure.
  4. Students have disposable income and entitlement. On a less justifiable note, there is a set of students who have a lot of disposable income and a sense of entitlement. Students who have a lot of money often come to think that the mundane aspects of school work are beneath them or not worthy of their time. These students try to take a shortcut to a degree by paying others to do the work for them. These students have been known to pay people to complete entire courses for them so they can avoid doing any work whatsoever, not just the essays. Increasingly, schools are beginning to notice these attempts to circumvent the learning process, but students have developed new ways to get others to do their work. Fortunately, this segment of the student population is still very small.
  5. Students may not have the language skills for the university they attend. Canadian universities are known for their diversity, and part of that diversity comes from the large number of international students who attend Canadian schools. While many international students are highly prepared and excited to learn, a significant number arrive only to realize that their English or French skills are not up to the challenge of writing multiple essays in their second or third language each week. Similar to the students discussed above who lack writing skills, those international students who lack strong English or French skills will often turn to online writing services to help make up for the deficit. When the choice comes down to failing a course and losing money or investing in an online essay in the hopes of salvaging a college course or even a degree, for many students it isn’t really a choice at all.
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