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A time for change for Canadians who play the lottery


Canada has always had very high standards for gaming, casinos, and lotteries. Prior to 1970, most gambling was controlled by organized crime. In an effort to protect its citizens, Canada took great steps to allow some forms of gambling, but under strict government regulations and licenses. By the mid-1980s major changes had taken place and citizens were glad to be able to enjoy adult gaming legally and safely.

Brick and mortar casinos had clear laws to follow and the government enforced these laws. However, during that time, online gambling did not clearly fall into the black or white sections, but in a grey area. Along with the interest of online gambling came a hunger for playing the lottery. Other countries offered massive payouts for lottery winners.

Laws for lotteries are different in different countries and in different states. But the main problem Canadians had with trying to purchase a lottery ticket in the United States, for example, was you had to be in the United States to buy the ticket. This was the problem.

The arrival of Lottoland

Lottoland Canada is hands down the leading online lottery betting site in the country and possibly in the world. Lottoland has a reputation for being an upstanding, legal, and ethical company. They are well known for the rule of remaining transparent. This core value of Lottoland extends to the Canadian government and to the more than 8-billion customers they serve annually.

In order to comply with all the laws (of any country they do business in), there were three immediate issues that had to be addressed.

●     Canada requires that all online gaming companies are licensed

  • Lottoland carries licenses from the National Supervisory Bodies For Lotteries in several countries, including Canada

●     Online gaming companies need insurance

  • Lottoland has maintained a standard so high that they have been able to create their own insurance company. This has never been done before and is much to their credit.

●     Customer must be in the United States to buy a lottery ticket in the USA

This is the single detail that had derailed many former plans. Lottoland designed a program that will allow citizens of Canada to play the lottery in the United States and many other countries, legally and online. It took a company with the strength to back up the idea and that is why it is a success.

Lottoland lets you play the game exactly like the people in their country of choice. The prizes are exactly the same. The experience for the player is exactly the same. So, what is different? With Lottoland you are placing your bets with them. You are wagering on the outcome of the game. In other words, you are playing the game, winning the prizes but you do not actually buy the Powerball ticket or whatever lotto you want to play. You play with Lottoland.

Do they only do lotteries?

Lottoland has over 100 kinds of video and internet games. They usually have the best games available as they get first calls from gaming designers, many of which come from Canada. Video poker, Blackjack, Scratchoffs, Keno, and many other popular games are available to their customers. They also allow internet gamers to play with a live dealer if they would like to.

Do people win and do they get paid?

You do not get and maintain the position they have unless there is something in it for everyone. Lottoland pays smaller winnings and prizes from their funds and large wagers are insured by their own insurance company. Yes, they do pay! Recently they paid one very lucky lady a world record $137 million pound payout. This is just one of many large payouts they have made. Lottoland has created 9 millionaires! Click here for a list of their payouts.

There is no doubt that Canada is in a changing pattern. They continue to monitor the industry and to look for ways that the industry can benefit Canada and the citizens who call it home. Who knows what tomorrow will hold. We do know that future sites that have Canada in their crosshairs will have a hard act to follow. They are going up against the gold standard, and for the immediate future, the rules are set. We will look forward to seeing where this goes from here.

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