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Activities that will give you the ‘PERFECT’ adrenaline rush


Adrenaline rush – There are times when quiet and cozy walks in the park and exhibitions are so boring that you want to forget about everything and do something crazy – do budgie jumping, go rafting, diving, sky surfing or maybe even swimming with sharks. Impressions from such entertainment, as you might guess, exceed even the most daring expectations.

If you do not feel like being physically active, there are always online games that allow you to experience the same rush of excitement and adrenaline. Adrenaline… Whatever it is, you know that good feeling when you’re sitting in front of your computer, your hands are sweating, you are short of breath, and your heart is racing. Many of us chase this feeling, but where can you find it? If you need an activity to get your adrenaline going, check out this list.

Skydiving and Wingsuit Flights

This activity is first on our list because it will surely get your heart pounding, and you will remember it for the rest of your life. If you are not ready for that much of an adrenaline rush, try indoor skydiving. A vertical wind tunnel in which air moves vertically upward allows you to simulate a free fall during a parachute jump. It is a great entertainment opportunity for those who want to try skydiving but are afraid of heights.

If you ever dreamed of feeling like a bird soaring in the sky, you can accomplish this by doing an unforgettable flight in a wingsuit – a special jumpsuit equipped with fabric membranes in the space between the arms and legs and between the legs. It imitates the wings and tail of a flying bird and allows a person to soar in the air. Jumps are carried out both from airplanes and from stationary sites.

Buggy Racing

Buggy is a powerful sports car for active driving on rough terrain and autocross. They are very difficult to turn over, so they are safer than a regular car. They have a strong frame and are very stable in turns. These are mini-tanks that are not afraid of dirt and ride in any weather. You can choose different buggy models that have different functionalities. However, buggy is a car for those who are not afraid of dirt.

Online Games

People can get a same level of excitement and entertainment from online games as from extreme sports. Afterall, not everybody has a chance to be a car racer or desires to risk their life. In online games, a fate of your team or character or even your money can be at stake, and that is guaranteed to give you that rush you are craving. Whether you are battling to survive or trying to win a football or casino game, best games are full of action, a variety of battles, mountains of weapons and whole doses of adrenaline and emotions.

Besides games that are just fun and exciting to play, there is a whole industry that can offer incredible emotions and adrenaline, and with them a true pleasure from winning money. For instance, https://www.slotsheaven.com/ca/ has the best online casino games that will give not only the thrill and adrenaline rush but also an opportunity to make some cash if you desire. You can test your skills for free, and once you gain more skills and confidence, you can get that game going for real!

Galloping on a Horse

If you ever get a chance to get on a horse and perform a full speed gallop, you really should. It is a thrilling experience being on a moving animal that you can’t always control. You are hopping, feeling almost the whole time like you are going to fall off. When the horse gallops through a field, the riders attain breathtaking top speed that will feed any adrenaline junkie and freedom lover.

Bungee Jumping and Reverse Bungee Jumping

If you want to feel what an adrenaline drive is, then go for bungee jumping – a jump from almost extreme heights. A person is held only by an elastic rope, which will spring to a complete stop. Thus, even after a fall, you will continue to bounce helplessly in the air for some time.

Bridges, towers and high-rise buildings are not the only best bungee jumping places because you can also jump from moving objects, for example, a helicopter or a balloon. For the jump, all you need is your courage and a desire for excitement. If you want to take it to another level, you can try reverse bungee jumping. Once the cord will be unlatched, you will go flying up. If you are extreme lover, you definitely have to try this before you die.


A new extreme sport – flyboarding was introduced to the world during the 2012 jet ski World Championship in China. Flyboard allows you to literally fly over water, dive under water, somersault and do any other tricks that you have enough imagination and courage for. This is a special platform, driven by the reactive power of the water stream, pumped by a jet ski connected to it. Lovers of extreme leisure time will especially enjoy this type of entertainment.

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