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Avocado and its power


Avocado also known as the alligator pear.  Green in colour and full of adventure. Can be both eaten and worn.  Rich in antioxidants, protein and essential oils.  The Avocado is a fruit not to be taken for granted.
Did you know that avocado
* Helps protect your skin against the sun and weather?
* Has anti-wrinkling properties?
* Reduces dry scalp and dandruff?
* Is your skin’s BFF?
There are some really good ideas on the Internet extolling the virtues of avocado on the skin.  Of course, eating avocado is always wise and in doing so it will work on your skin from the inside out. But feeding your skin from the outside in truly extols the power of this fruit.
There are wonderful recipe ideas and hints for avocado facial masks, hair treatments, shaving creams, hand scrubs, body lotions and nutritious consuming health benefits.
If you are going to try some of these recipes, make sure you use a ripe fruit (avocado is not a vegetable).  The fruit should be dark in colour and feel heavy.  To speed up the ripening process pop it into a brown paper bag for 2-3 days. For even faster ripening, toss a banana or an apple into the bag.

Superbowl is just around the corner.  Superbowl and guacamole  (the famed avocado mix of the mashed fruit, lemon or lime, cilantro, salt and pepper) play well together.   Imagine the size of a football field covered in guacamole 20 feet thick .  That represents the 53.5 million pounds of guacamole that are consumed every Superbowl.  People do love their avocado.
And so do we.  While we do not actually mash this alligator pear, we do use its oil.  In our Emu and Argan lip balms,  3 of our best selling soaps, Emu-neem, Nori-neem and Argan tamanu, our Spoil Me body oil and  Zinc Oxide.  Whether you choose to feed your skin the actual fresh fruit or experience the oil through natural skin care, you will reap the power of this incredible gift from nature.

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By: Martha Shannon

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