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BeGossy promoting entrepreneurship in the medical profession


-“I didn’t have any experience in the business aspect of the medical profession.”

-“Is it better to rent or to own an office?”

-“In setting a clinic, you have to be ready to deal with conditions —set by the government—that may change unexpectedly.”

-“Flexibility is essential when thinking of a clinic.”

These were some of the many questions and issues that were heard this past Wednesday at the first medical networking conference organized by the Goss Club at the W Hotel in Montreal. What transpired from the debate was the fact that doctors at the time when they start their practices have little knowledge of the many financial aspects involved in starting and running their offices. Questions about what kind of training would be necessary were put forward during the conference.

Dr.Suhad Tantawi, Dr.Jonathan Assayag, Rebecca Perez and Dr.Gabrielle Landry

One key aspect that was mentioned was the location of the office and the factors that may lead a doctor to choose one place over another, and what difference that could make to be successful. The management aspect was also highlighted as an important one especially when planning to start a clinic.

Dr.Karl Schwarz

Participants in the discussion were Dr. Jonathan Assayag (General Practitioner, Owner of Clinic Reference MD) Dr. Karl Schwarz, Plastic Surgeon Owner of Espace MD, Dr. Gabrielle Landry of Clinic Actual A, Physiatrist Patrick Benhaim Owner of Clinic Douleur MD, and Dr. Saoussen Tantawi, Radiologist. Rebecca Perez, from The Goss Club, moderated the discussion.

Sponsors of the medical event

During a short conversation with Rebecca Perez, we learned that the Goss Club is planning to organize similar networking sessions shortly for young people in other professions, such as the case of lawyers. These events aim to help young professionals and students in the last semesters of their academic work in making the right decisions when the time to establish themselves as independent professionals come.

Beautiful cocktails from the W bar at the Hotel W

For more information about the Goss Club visit: www.gossclub.com

Feature image: Chems Diouri, Amanda Valois, Estera Kostardjian, Rebecca Perez, Sirarpi Thorossian

All photos: Avril Franco

By: Sergio Martinez – mtltimes.ca
To see the article in the Montreal Times 23.10 October 14, 2017 edition please click on the above image
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