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Best advice for writing a remarkable essay conclusion


A conclusion is an important component of an essay and any mistake can undo all the work you have done in the body. Just like the introduction, writing a conclusion can be challenging however, there are guidelines to follow to ensure that you meet the objectives of a conclusion. A good conclusion should bring to an end the issues you discuss in the body and give the reader a final takeaway. To do this, the body must provide the necessary information to support your thesis statement so that you can bring an end to the discussion in the conclusion. This essay will discuss the strategies and techniques one can apply to attain a good conclusion.

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●    What is an essay conclusion?

An essay conclusion is the final part of the essay tasked with restating the main ideas discussed in the essay. It reminds the reader of the important claims that you have made in the essay and also reiterates the evidence. Therefore, it acts as a summary of the essay touching on the areas a reader should take note of and also provides the main takeaway of the essay. Depending on the essay you are writing, conclusions played the above roles therefore, https://essaykitchen.net/essay/ recommends considering the following when writing your essay:

  1. The significance of your findings.
  2. Implications of the body to the thesis statement given in the introduction.
  3. Any limitations to your approach.
  4. Suggestions for any future research on the essay.

●    How to Write a Conclusion Paragraph?

A good conclusion paragraph needs to summarize the important information talked about in the body and the introduction of the essay. Therefore, having a plan and an outline will help you to capture all the necessary information you want to summarize or put emphasis on. Your main point of discussion is given in the thesis statement and the conclusion, you can reflect if you have achieved the purpose of the essay. For longer papers, look at what each paragraph discusses to remind the reader of some key points discussed and their impact on the overall meaning of the essay. If you are struggling with wrapping up your essays, ensure that you utilize sites like Grammarly to proofread your work and it can help you improve your skills.

●    Strategies to use for a good conclusion

Conclusions can be difficult to write because one is expected to synthesize the message of the essay and express them all in one paragraph. Therefore, coming up with the perfect balance is a struggle for most writers who only end up repeating what they have discussed in the body. Here are strategies you can implement to come up with a good and compelling conclusion for essays.

  • Use the “so what” tactic

If you are stuck with coming up with a conclusion example, you should look at what you have discussed and ask yourself so what. Why should anyone that reads your work care about what you have to say on the matter? This tactic will allow you to address any reservations one can have when reading your paper and also insist on the importance of what you have discussed.

  • Synthesize not summarize

This is one of the mistakes writers make when it comes to the conclusion where they just repeat what they have said in the body or introduction. Instead, one should look to include a summary coupled with general information so that the reader can get more context on the subject.

  • Be aware of the thesis statement.

The thesis statement is what dictates the direction of your essay. Therefore, https://perfectessay.com/buy-college-research-paper insists on why the conclusion should see a return on the same ideas you included in the thesis statement and analysis of your body has done enough to justify the ideas. If you fail, then the essay will be contradicting thus leaving the reader in confusion.

●    Strategies to avoid

The most overused phrases to conclude an essay such as, in conclusion, or in summary may sound right but it would be a mistake to use them to start your conclusion. Like the introduction, you should understand what the conclusion means and start with a short first sentence hat sets the tone and the direction. It can be a fact or quotation that supports the seriousness of the issues you have raised in the body. Another mistake to avoid is having to state the thesis statement in the conclusion for the first time. As a result, it will not have the desired impact as it will not be properly supported by the body of the essay. Introducing another idea or point in your conclusion does not make any sense and might have the opposite effect and confuse the reader more. This also applies to statistics that would have been more efficient when used in the body of the essay therefore including them in the conclusion raises more questions and you won’t have enough time to respond to them. If you are struggling with how to start a conclusion in an essay, Grammarly has a helpful guideline.

●    Do not fail with your conclusions.

With a good conclusion being an integral piece of a good essay, you should ensure that you don’t fail with yours. One way you can set yourself up for failure in the conclusion is trying to appeal the reader’s emotion with issues that are not relevant to the overall message of the essay. An emotional quote can be heartfelt and have an impact on emphasizing the point if done correctly. Another issue is saving all the necessary information for the bottom half of the body. You might think that the essay will be more interesting if you keep the reader in the dark for a while. However, what this does is your first paragraphs will be dull and also not answering the thesis. Also, it makes the bottom end of the body congested and as a result, you will be tempted to add the remaining information in the conclusion which is not an ideal method of how to end an essay.

●    Essay conclusion samples.

If you are struggling with coming up with a comprehensive conclusion, and will have a question: “Who will write my essay for me cheap?”, then you better to find the best essay conclusion examples to guide you,

writing a remarkable essay
writing a remarkable essay

Conclusions are largely underestimated when it comes to writing and it is a big mistake o the writers’ part. As a writer, you need to understand that not everyone who is going to read your paper has the same level of understanding of the subject as you. Giving the arguments and ideas in the body is not enough as the purpose might be too complex for the reader. Therefore, you need to summarize it for the reader in the conclusion so that they can make sense of what you have discussed throughout the paper. Leaving your readers hanging will change the perception of your paper even if you have the most detailed body and introduction.

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