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Canada’s new and improved food guide


Say goodbye to Canada’s four recommended food groups. Today, Health Canada revealed their new food guide and instead of focusing on portion controls, their new food guide is highlighting a more well-rounded, healthier, plant-based diet.

The food guide hasn’t been modified since 2007 and since then lifestyle habits have changed tremendously with many Canadians opting for less meat and more plans in their diet. This is exactly what the new Canadian food guide is promoting. In 2007, the four main food groups included meat/poultry and dairy, but in 2019, Health Canada is suggesting that Canadians eat more fruits and vegetables, protein-foods and whole grains.

            Along with a change in recommended daily food, this new guide offers Canadians a new mindful way of eating, and urges them to cook at home as often as possible, all while avoiding foods high in sodium, saturated fats and sugars. Canada’s new food guide also stresses that water should be everyone’s drink of choice, encouraging people to stay away from sugar-filled soft drinks and juices.

While reading Health Canada’s new food guide, Canadians will notice the importance of reading labels, cooking fresh food, and eating out less. This guide reflects the ever-changing habits of our country and the way we should be consuming foods that are healthy for our bodies.

The new guide was prepared using scientific reports on food and health, excluding the input of industry reports to avoid any conflicts, according to Health Canada.

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