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Casper mattress in a box is the only way to get ZZZZZ’s


The average adult needs approximately 7 to 9 hours of sleep a night in order to feel fully rested and take on the upcoming day. To most, sleep can be a chore or even just an afterthought in our regular busy lives. Thankfully, the founders at Casper have engineered one of the most comfortable and relaxing mattresses known to man.

Before Casper, I would fall asleep on my old beat-up mattress that felt as if it was stuffed with newspapers. I understood the desperate need for change and I decided it was time for not only an upgrade, but also a much needed change that would genuinely benefit my lifestyle. The mattress arrives straight to your door in a small and easy to transport box. Though the looks may deceive you, you will soon find out that when you unpackage the transportable box and the vacuum-sealed bag your very own award-winning Casper mattress will spring to life. As if the mattress was alive, it rolled out onto my bed frame inviting me to peacefully sleep the night.

The pageantry of the event was astounding in every way and definitely added to my overall experience. Despite this revolutionary method of transport, the most important part of a mattress is the comfortability. Upon laying down on the bed for the night I was amazed at how soft the memory foam was. The bedding perfectly molded to my body and allowed it to be genuinely comfortable for once.

It did not take long before my reflection on my new bed quickly turned to one of the best sleeps I have had in long time. One of those iconic nights where you just close your eyes for a split-second to open them once more and realize it’s morning. I was astounded at how well-rested I felt. Upon looking at my clock, I realized I had slept an approximate 11 hours. To put that into perspective I generally only used to sleep about 6 hours a night! Casper’s memory foam technology showed me the way to a comfortable sleep that I never got to experience with any other mattress.

The human-tested bedding truly allowed for myself to get the much needed rest I deserve, and I urge all who read this to visit www.casper.com and order one today. Your sleep should be less of a chore and more of an experience.


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