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City of Montreal ready to face winter


City of Montreal ready to face winter – Montrealers faced an exceptional and extreme winter last season, with 238 cms falling on the city – up from an average 190 cms. That is almost 25% more than usual, representing a total volume of 18.4 million cubic metres, involving seven major snow removal operations. Given the exceptional challenges, most operations managed to be completed on the time – although there were certainly several situations the City admitted they would need to address.

On November 1st, Councillors Jean-François Parenteau and François William Croteau unveiled the city’s snow removal plans along with some new ideas, saying they are ready and better prepared to face the quickly approaching 2018-19 winter season.

‘The City of Montreal will continue to make security and accessibility of the network a priority. Thus, various new ideas will be put in place in order to facilitate operations and services to the citizens: adding ice breakers to the fleet of sidewalk snow removal vehicles, increasing the amount of salt available, putting new services in line to signal needs in snow removal and improvements to the Info-Neige mobile application allowing citizens to flag issues such as poorly cleared sidewalks, incorrect signage and slippery roads located in areas in front of schools, hospitals and bus stops. Drones will also be used over snow dumps to help ensure optimal usage of the space’.

“Every winter and every storm is unique,” Parentau said, “The key is to adapt to the reality of the field and to intervene quickly. That’s why we count on the collaboration of all the boroughs, who are responsible for the operations of clearing and spreading in their area, in order to quickly secure the streets and sidewalks following a precipitation. Citizen participation is also essential to the proper functioning of operations and we rely on them to respect parking prohibitions and remain vigilant when approaching snow removal vehicles.”

“The improvement of online services is excellent news for citizens who will see a direct and tangible effect on their travel, and more generally, on the quality of life in their community,” said Croteau. “It will be a powerful tool for us to improve our operations in the field. The City’s digital shift opens the door to a host of new opportunities to make everyday life easier, and I’m proud to see that we’re finding effective and innovative ways to apply it to snow management, which is part of our reality several months a year.”

Bonnie Wurst – info@mtltimes.ca


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