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City Paint landmark building painted for Montreal MURAL Festival


City Paint Landmark building – Daniel Zuckerman has been down this road before. This is the second time in a few years that the building he owns on Rachel Street is being painted as part of the MURAL Festival. MURAL Fest as it is known is gearing up for the grand finale on the weekend of June 16-17th with a full schedule of parties and events complimentary to the mural exhibition and art installations while Zuckerman is looking forward to seeing what his building will look like once it’s finished being painted. It’s a process one which started with the onset of the festival several days ago. What’s the connection? His store City Paints located in the very same building on Rachel supplies the paint for those huge works of art that are fast becoming a signature of Montreal’s distinctive style.

Entrance of City paints Store on Rachel

“They did it before. They asked if they could do our building again,” he says. The first time the building was painted it was done in white with gold trim – not his first pick for a paint job. This time it is being repainted in a bright colourful palette more to his liking. “I like the facade,” he says. He’s been dealing with LNDMRK the company that produces the MURAL Festival for years. “They buy paint from us for a lot of other things,” he says matter-of-fact. “We’re very busy at this time of the year. It’s moving time.”

City Paints building receiving a beautiful mural

“Danny” co-owns the building and paint store with his son Jason who manages things. “I’m an old guy. I’m 70,” he says. “My son is more or less running the business.” The landmark building has been in the Zuckerman family for generations going all the way back to 1898. City Paints was originally a hardware store until the 1980’s when Zuckerman senior took it over from his father and began to specialize in supplying paint. Reflecting on the passage of the years he says, “I did a lot of interviews when we turned 100. I became my father and my son became me,” he says laughing.

City Paints

He likes to stroll along The Boulevard a.k.a. The Main home to the MURAL Festival and it seems at times just about every other festival in town come summertime. He was meandering along this well-trodden route last Saturday after taking in the sights with a “gazillion people”.  He says this chuckling again. What does he think of the murals proliferating on our Montreal skyscape?

Daniel Zuckerman and grandson

“I’ve seen a lot of the ones they did last year and from before. (Note: There are about 80 in the permanent collection but many in the 2018 exhibit are still in progress.) I like the one they did of Leonard Cohen and the one across the street of Jackie Robinson near Moishe’s or Schwartz’s Delicatessen. I don’t like the psychedelic ones – I’m too old,” he says with a sigh. No doubt Cohen and Robinson would approve of the sentiments.

Feature image: City Paints Staff 



By: Deborah Rankin – info@mtltimes.ca

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