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Becket Players hit high notes for KIZMET


At the end of 2017, the KIZMET Young Child & Parent Centre will open in Sainte-Geneviève as an important family resource centre for all West Island families. It will support young families and be a hub for the community. WIAIH, the organization raising the necessary $1.7M for the construction of this centre, is proud to announce that the Becket Players, supporters of KIZMET since the very beginning, have jumpstarted 2017 donations by making an extra $15,000 donation.

In November, Merck Canada chose the Becket Players as a Neighbour of Choice, a prestigious award that recognized their long-time implication in their community. The award came with a cash gift which Becket Players are, in their turn, donating to help build the KIZMET Centre.

Joseph Savattiere, President of the Becket Players, is proud that Becket Players has such a long history of supporting children’s charities through its shows produced in over 43 years. “We are very proud to be able to support such an important cause in the West Island and have adopted WIAIH’s project for the KIZMET Centre. We have been supported by West Islanders since our inception so why not keep our good fortune within our community. Community support is what we are all about and we support this project 100%.”

The territory of the West Island Health Centre has the highest number of births in the province; some 10,000 children are born here annually. Since 85% of brain development takes place in the first 6 years of life, research shows that this is the most effective time to ensure that parents have the tools they need to stimulate and nurture their young children. Natalie Chapman, director of WIAIH is very grateful to the Becket Players Foundation. “they were one of the first to come on board and saw immediately the potential of this project to make a difference to little children in a vulnerable area of the West Island. It shows their absolute commitment to improving conditions so that children will have a better life.”

WIAIH is hoping that others will join in to ensure that this unique resource for West Island young children will come to reality. Our society faces many problems that stem directly from early childhood. Paying attention to the early years with an eye to prevention is important and should be our priority.

About The Becket Players Foundation: a federally chartered, long-standing, non-profit organization dedicated the advancement of the performing arts in the West Island community of Montreal. Over the past 42 years they have raised over $3.4 million dollars to help children locally. Volunteers make up the backbone of the Becket Players. The 2017 show, Red Carpet-All Night Long, will be held in May at DDO Community Centre. For more information visit becketplayers.ca .

Feature Photo: Pierre Frégeau, President WIAIH Board of Directors, and Joey Savatierre, President Becket Players Foundation


About the KIZMET Centre: Building the KIZMET Centre for young children and parents is WIAIH’s opportunity to be proactive, to continue our 60 years of building community, and improving the lives of West Islanders – all children will be welcome at KIZMET because all children need a happy childhood. When a series of events and happenings in your life just fall into place in such a perfect way that the outcome is unequivocally your beautiful destiny and all is right in the world. This is KIZMET! Social media: facebook.com/centrekizmet

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