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Bottoms Up: Montreal Bars Staying Open until 6 AM


By Alyssa De Rosa

Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre announced today that his pilot project regarding the extension bars and restaurants opening hours will begin on June 12th for four consecutive week-ends until July 5th. A total of 19 locations will be participating in this “test pilot” project where they will be allowed to serve alcohol until 5:30 a.m.

During these four week-ends the Mayor explained that he will be working very closely with the SPVM to ensure public safety. Since his announcement, owners and citizens have expressed mixed reviews. Some bar owners who have not participated in the pilot project are worried that they will lose clientele to those locations who will be open later.
Others see it as a positive, explaining that since the transit system will be open by the time they are done drinking, getting home safer and cheaper is an option.

Will you participate in the summer bar-hopping action? What do you think about Mayor Denis Coderre’s pilot project? Will it help Montreal or enable rowdy activity? Post your comments below.

Here’s a list of all the locations that will be serving up liquid courage:

  • Le Bistro à Jojo, 1637 Saint-Denis
  • Point Bar, 2017 Saint-Denis
  • Café Hookah Lounge, 1699, Saint-Denis
  • Bar Passeport, 2037 Saint-Denis
  • Pub L’Île noire, 1649 Saint-Denis
  • Pub L’Abreuvoir, 403 Ontario Est
  • Loup-Garou, 1738 Saint-Denis
  • Bar Diablos, 1693-A Saint-Denis
  • En cachette, 1765, Saint-Denis
  • Le Saint-Bock, 1749 Saint-Denis
  • L’Amère à boire, 2049 Saint-Denis
  • Pub Quartier latin, 318, Ontario Est
  • Ziggy’s Folies, 1470 Crescent
  • Burger Bar Crescent, 1465 Crescent
  • Bar Électric Avenue, 1476-A Crescent
  • Bar Seven, 1432 Crescent
  • Bar Winnie, Pub Winston Churchill, Cellier Karina, 1455-59-61-65A Crescent
  • Xotica, 1466-A Crescent
  • Club Extreme, 2020 Crescent
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