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Canada Day is a Day for Remembrance


By: Steve Gregory

Cheering crowds lined Saint Catherine’s Street this past Canada Day. Throngs of flag waving patriots expressed their love of country in the brilliant sunshine. How proud we are and today, we feel just a bit more huh… Canadian.

Just down the street at 4625 Saint Catherine Street is the home of the Royal Montreal Regiment (RMR). For now 100 years, proud Canadians joined the ranks of this Reserve regiment to fight for what this country stands for. The pride of these volunteer citizen soldiers was expressed with commitment to country, courage and sacrifice. The RMR is a truly Canadian regiment born in 1914 to serve in the First World War by bringing together militia units: two English and one French. Tremendous sacrifice was endured to earn the WWI victories at Yres, Vimy and Amiens to name a few: the RMR left 1,192 dead in the fields of France & Flanders by the time it crossed into Germany as the lead of the entire Canadian Corps. French and English Canadians fought shoulder to shoulder in the RMR, the only such unit of its kind at the time.

From the beginning, by its union of French and English, the RMR helped to promote Canadian esprit de corps; the “two solitudes” united: fighting and dying side-by-side continuously for 42 months. The RMR was the first unit in the Canadian Forces, Regular or Reserve, to be deemed officially bilingual: today more than 20 mother tongues are spoken in the ranks of the Regiment.

On Canada Day we celebrate our great country. Meet a soldier from the RMR any day and find-out firsthand how love of country is expressed by so many of our Reservists every Tuesday night, weekends and through summer training. On the day you meet them or see them in action it will feel like Canada Day.

Join the RMR for their 100th anniversary on November 1st, 2014. For more information contact

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