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By Valerie Brecknock – Montreal Times

As another school year comes to a close, and the out of town students are packing up their temporary homes and getting ready to go back to where they came from, I would hope and yes pray that when it comes to their “temporary furry friends” that the student takes that belonging to.

I know that in every community there is a stray cat problem, however, living in a town with a lot of out of town students living near campus, it seems that when they leave, the stray cat population grows. This is extremely hard to see because these animals have had a home, love, fed, and kept warm for the time their owners were here. I understand that maybe the animal can’t go with the owner, but there are shelters that will take these abandoned animals rather than see them trying to survive on the streets.

Also, there is the massive problem of these animals not being spayed or neutered, so not only are they struggling to find food for themselves, the females have to find enough to feed their babies.

RESPONSIBILITY is the key word here. When these innocent animals were first acquired the owner was being I hope responsible to feed and care for it. The responsibility does not end there, it goes through the animals life, NO matter what kind of animal is in the home.

I ask the people who are facing the dilemma of moving this season and have an animal and for whatever reason can’t bring the pet with them, go to the spca’s call shelters, be RESPONSIBLE and don’t leave them on the street to suffer.

Valerie cn be reached at 514-505-1332 or by e-mail:

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