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Collection of refundable containers to raise funds for West Island Mission


The Kirkland Provigo Le Marché store, located at 16900 Trans-Canada Highway, will be holding a collection for refundable containers in the parking lot on May 17. In an event all about generosity, customers will be asked to donate the money they are reimbursed to West Island Mission. The initiative aims to provide customers with a safe space to bring back the returnable containers that they have accumulated at home since the onset of the health crisis.  

“We rely on people’s generosity for support at West Island Mission, which is an important organization in our region with needs that are even greater under the current circumstances. My team and I are very proud to be holding this collection, to be offering this service to our customers in a safe way and to be helping to relieve pressure on the returnable containers supply chain,” said the Kirkland Provigo Le Marché Store Manager, Vahé Kevork. 

The collection will be held in a way that complies with public health guidelines: volunteers from local charities and colleagues will wear personal protective equipment, maintain strict hygiene protocols and apply social distancing measures.  To more easily manage the collection, Provigo is asking its customers to bring clean, pre-counted glass and plastic cans and containers. Customers are also asked to bring filled bottle crates, which must be sorted by colour.

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