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Why and How to Contest Your Traffic Ticket


Me Adam Eidelmann

The next time you are issued a traffic ticket, think twice about by paying the listed fine.

Each year, over 600,000 traffic tickets are issued in the province of Québec. However, too many drivers simply pay their fines because they are unaware of why they should contest their traffic tickets or how to initiate this process.

Why Contest Your Traffic Ticket
One reason why many traffic tickets go uncontested is that the listed fine is a minimal. However, drivers often fail to understand that the fine is but one penalty they could face by paying their ticket, thereby automatically pleading guilty to the traffic offence committed.

For having been convicted of breaking a traffic law, a driver can expect to have demerit points added to their record that will remain in effect for the next two years. In most cases, accumulating fifteen demerit points will result in the revocation of a licence.

A driver who pleads guilty to a traffic offence that is considered serious by their insurance company can also expect higher premiums for as long as it is on their record.

In sum, while the listed fine may be minimal, paying and not contesting a traffic ticket may have long-term costs that are not always clear to Québec drivers.

How to Initiate a Contestation
Contesting a traffic ticket begins with checking the “Not Guilty” box on the ticket itself, signing in the space provided and filling in your name and address.

Once a “Not Guilty” plea has been entered, Eidelmann Law Firm will step in to manage your case and prepare you for trial if need be. Our team of former prosecutors and seasoned defence attorneys is well versed in the Québec legal system and has saved numerous demerit points from the records of Québec drivers.

To find out more about our services and the costs associated with contesting a traffic violation please email Me Adam Eidelmann at

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