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Free Mont Saint-Sauveur Water Park ticket for all Dads !


Saint-Sauveur, June 9th 2014- In order to celebrate Father’s Day in great spirits, Mont Saint-Sauveur Water Park is proud to invite all families to freshen up in more than 4 kilometres of water slides thanks to a surprising promotion! This summer, celebrate the man in your life and stop racking your brain trying to find the perfect gift, we have what you are looking for! On June 15th, every father walking in the Water Park with a child over 6 years of age will have free access to Mont Saint-Sauveur Water Park!

Take a break from the routine, enjoy the last few days of the school year and enjoy the pure fun of being with your family in our water activities. Wave pool, more than 20 minutes of water slides, lazy river or rafting, daddy will undoubtedly rekindle with his childhood.

This June 15th, stop and take time to take your time. Enjoy this opportunity to allow the man of the house let go of his craziness, to wash away the stress and forget about work. Prepare your beach bags, we are expecting to see you on Sunday, June 15th with the star in your life! This promotion is sold at the ticket counter and the Customer Service Desk only (not available online).

The biggest water park in a mountain setting, Mont Saint-Sauveur Water Park, is the place by excellence to enjoy a refreshing family adventure. For more details on our promotions and activities, please visit parcaquatique.com.

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