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Inviting all breast cancer survivors to paddle


Breast cancer survivors – Two Abreast/Côte-à-côte, a Montreal-based dragon boat team, is recruiting new members for their 2019 season.

Dragon boating has been shown to enhance the physical, psychological and social well being of breast cancer survivors. A groundbreaking 1998 study by Dr. Don McKenzie, a sports medicine specialist at the University of British Columbia, clearly established the benefits of paddling these twenty-person boats.

There are now well over 120 breast cancer dragon boat teams around the world, including the USA, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, South America, and Asia. Proud that this enormous movement started in CANADA!

Two Abreast competed in Florence, ITALY in 2018 at an International Breast Cancer Survivor Dragon Boat Festival, where 121 teams competed from 18 countries, representing ALL continents.

Two Abreast/Côte-à-côte, a non-profit team founded in December 1997, is training for their 2019 season.

Breast Cancer Survivor Event!

Have you been through treatments for breast cancer?

Do you want to refocus your energies in a positive, rewarding way?

Two Abreast, a Montreal-based breast cancer survivor dragon boat team, needs you!

Try it out on June 13th 5:30-8pm! Check our website under “Events” for details
Come and celebrate life with us!
Contact us: (514) 387-6132 (voice mail); info@twoabreast.ca


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