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LFA donates to Sun Youth


LFA donates to Sun Youth – On May 3rd la Ligue Fédérale des As (LFA) held its annual 2018-2019 Final Championship Game at the Collège Notre-Dame Arena. Thanks to the combined efforts of participants, players and organizers, $7,142 was raised for Sun Youth’s SLAP hockey development program. SLAP was established in 2005 and the program is specifically designed at hockey accessible to disadvantaged kids. The young players, aged between 5 and 13 years old, evolve in a structured and non stressful environment under the supervision of volunteer coaches. Annually over 100 children take part in the program.

Beyond its mission to offer the ultimate adult hockey experience for all its members, the LFA also plays an important role in social engagement, particularly with Sun Youth. In recent years, the league has supported various programs, raising close to $ 43,000 for the organization. Not only does the LFA help raise money for the SLAP program, they also collect funds and food for the organization’s food bank, playing a leading role in raising awareness of food insecurity, poverty and social exclusion.

LFA donates to Sun Youth

Sun Youth’s Board of Directors, management, staff and volunteers wish to thank everyone involved in the LFA’s 2017-2018 Final Championship Game for bringing such a nice contribution to the organization. On behalf of the many children of the SLAP program who will benefit from this generosity, thank you for making a significant difference in their lives!

Feature image:LFA Founding President Jean-François DesBois (left) presenting SLAP Program Coordinator Vinnie Matteo (right) with the funds raised through the league’s 2018-2019 Final Championship Game. Photo: Lisette Nepveu.

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