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Montreal’s Iconic Orange Julep exclusive painting to raise money for Sun Youth


Shaped like an orange dome, Montreal’s much-beloved, kitschy landmark, the Orange Julep has been captured by Montreal artist, Andy Habib, in a unique abstract painting, to be auctioned to raise much-needed funds for the SUN YOUTH Organization, during these challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“In the 1950s, two of my favourite places to hang out were the offices of the Clark Street Sun newspaper, which later became Sun Youth, and the Orange Julep, which is still an iconic location today. For many generations, both these places are associated with the best memories!” says Sid Stevens, executive vice-president and co-founder of Sun Youth.

“I created this painting to salute the strength of Montreal’s frontline health care and essential providers (of which Sun Youth is part of), during this pandemic and as a tribute to all Montrealers living through difficult times. It’s a familiar sight and a source of visual comfort,” says artist Andy Habib.  

NOTE: These are critical times and we want to do our part to help Montrealers who find themselves in dire circumstances. We’re pleased to support SUN YOUTH Organization, a renowned and respected community organization that is working tirelessly to get food out to the unemployed, the stressed, the helpless and the sick. Help us make a difference. Please bid on this painting and other auction items, give a cash donation and share this link on your social media using the hashtag, #charityauction  #artforcharity #sunyouth   #JeunesseAuSoleil.


Andy Habib’s artwork can be found

KIKI STERLING GALLERY is an online fine art gallery specializing in contemporary, abstract, figurative painting and marine art photography. The gallery represents an international roster of artists working in a variety of media and a range of genres. 

SUN YOUTH is a community organization that provides a wide range of emergency services to Montrealers in need, as well as sports and recreation programs to youngsters and seniors alike. During the pandemic, the organization focuses its activities on food and medical assistance, and ensures that vulnerable people are nourished, housed and as healthy as possible.

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The landmark Orange Julep building has been on Decarie and Ferrier since about 1965.

What’s upstairs in the Orange Julep?

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