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Provigo St. Jacques ‘Eating Together’


Provigo St. Jacques ‘Eating Together’ – This past Friday, June 14th, Provigo St. Jacques held, that ‘Eating Together’ was held along with other participating Provigo stores in Quebec. It was in a festive atmosphere that more than 225 people joined the Provigo team of [Montreal] to enjoy a delicious BBQ offered for free by the store team.

Although it is more connected digitally than ever, Quebec remains a place where isolation and solitude remain strongly present. Part of the problem is that most Quebeckers eat most of their meals alone. In order to change this reality, President’s Choice® (PC) is dedicated to bringing people back to eat together.

Provigo St. Jacques

“It has been proven that eating alone contributes greatly to sadness and loneliness”, Jean-Benoît Gauthier, Provigo store manager. “We know we are better when we eat together. There are so many social, physical and mental benefits associated with just sharing a meal. So let’s spend more time with the people we love at the table. It is for this reason that my team and I are proud to have celebrated the #EyeEnsemble event with the citizens of NDG, Cote St. Luc, Montreal West.

The PCMD Eating Together movement, launched earlier this year, inspired hundreds of thousands of people to commit to sharing meal times with family and friends. Loblaw Companies Limited committed $ 1 for each of the first 250,000 to make this commitment; these funds will be donated to the President’s Choice Children’s Foundation, which supports healthy nutrition donation programs in schools across the country.

Although the movement is gaining momentum, there is still a lot of work to be done. Canada’s new Food Guide says that enjoying meals with family and friends is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. Yet PCMD ** has learned that 43% of people spend less than an hour a day.

Provigo St. Jacques Eating Together June 14, 2019
Provigo St. Jacques Eating Together June 14, 2019
Provigo St. Jacques Eating Together June 14, 2019
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