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Sun Youth offers reward for the whereabouts of Lara Parkin


Sun Youth offers a reward of up to $1,000 for any information that would make it possible to find Lara Parkin. It was last seen on November 16 in the Sud-Ouest borough. Investigators have reason to fear for his health and safety. At the request of the police investigators, we request your cooperation by asking you to share the description of this person.

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Why does Sun Youth offer rewards?

Citizens interested in the solving of certain criminal investigations donate sums of money to be offered by police forces as rewards to individuals providing information leading to the arrest and conviction of wanted criminals or to the location of a missing person.

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All rewards are first approved by the police force in charge of the investigation. They are offered for a limited period of time after which, as decided by the donor, they are renewed, or the funds given back to the donor or used in other crime prevention activities like in providing assistance to victims of criminal acts in particular.  

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We are the sole manager of these rewards and act as an intermediary between the anonymous donor and the police force in charge of the investigation. Investigators are the ones who decide whether it is appropriate or not to grant a reward as well as the amount to be paid.  

Created in 1991, our rewards program carries on thanks to a steady partnership with the City of Montreal Police Department (SPVM). Since then, other police forces have joined this Sun Youth program: the Quebec Provincial Police in 2009 (Sûreté du Québec), the Ville de Laval Police Department in 2011, the Longueuil Area Police Department in 2012 and the Ontario Provincial Police in 2014.

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