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TEDxLaval: Set goals that matter with success coach Samantha Kris  


TEDxLaval – On May 23rd, join international success coach, author and speaker Samantha Kris, along with other innovators at this year’s TEDxLaval event. The theme this year is Links and Anchors.  Every speaker shares their take on the importance of links and anchors and encourages the audience to broaden their perspective by sharing new ideas.

Samantha Kris is the founder of the Bossing Up movement, which empowers people to live up to their full potential and create opportunities for success. She propelled her way through the corporate world, earning herself five promotions in just five years and doubling her income, before she decided to start her own coaching practice.

TEDxLaval Samantha Kris – Samantha has offered a  15% discount for her book. Click on the link and enter promo code MTLTIMES  : http://www.samanthakris.com/shop/bossing-up-paperback

It was through this journey that she developed a proprietary goal setting methodology that enables others to overcome personal and professional obstacles and achieve their goals.

Samantha’s talk is about setting goals that matter. Her way of goal setting is an alternative to the SMART goal methodology which frames goals in a way that is specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely. “It’s a very common way of goal setting, but it lacks the innate emotional connection to our innermost desires, our ‘why’, making it easy to put aside. I needed something that would keep me accountable, and in order to do so, it needed to be rooted ton my core values. It didn’t exist, so I developed it.,” Kris explains.

Samantha introduced the REAL goal methodology in her book, Bossing Up, which launched last year. The acronym stands for: Resonant, Empowering, Actionable and Lucrative.

The goals you set need to resonate with you. You need to anchor your goals to why it matters to you. If your goals don’t empower you, it will only get you so far, according to Kris. Creating a road map with actionable steps ensures that you can continue without stopping to think what you need to do next, not giving self-doubt a chance to seep in. Lastly, your goal needs to be lucrative. According to Kris, you need to identify what’s in it for you? The lucrativeness of a goal is not always monetary, rather, it is about identifying what you stand to gain from achieving your goal.

The main difference with this way of goal setting is that it focuses more on accountability rather than tracking them. It’s not just about crossing the finish line, it’s about making progress. When progress is your benchmark for success, failure becomes much less daunting. With REAL goals, you are not creating a check list, you’re creating a new way of life.

“Once you see everything you stand to gain, you also see everything you stand to lose should you decide not to pursue your goal,” Samantha says. “You’re looking at your core values, your thoughts and emotions and using them to inform your actions. The very nature of how you set your goal it keeps you more accountable to it.”

This strategy has helped Samantha Kris write and publish a book in under a year and secure a spot on the TEDx stage. It’s helping people and companies to get clear on their purpose, enhance their emotional intelligence and increase their revenue.

Other speakers at the event include Paula Toledo, the founder of Ode to Wonder, a positive change and mental well-being blog and podcast whose talk is about her sense of wonder and curiosity helped her recover from the loss of her husband’s unexpected suicide. With May being mental health awareness month, Paula Toledo be using her voice and professional experience in communications to crush the stigma surrounding mental illness, while raising awareness for wellness by co-founding an emerging tech venture, Welltech Innovations.

For a full list of speakers and more information on the TEDxLaval talk visit: http://www.tedxlaval.com/en/

Samantha has offered a  15% discount for her book. Click on the link and enter promo code MTLTIMES  : http://www.samanthakris.com/shop/bossing-up-paperback


By: Alyssa de Rosa – info@mtltimes.ca


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