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Wildlife in the burbs


Mother’s Day was special this year to say the least. Weather wise we can all admit the sunny warm temperature was well received. Jake and I certainly took advantage of the day and did a couple marathon walks. According to my doctor, I put on a few extra winter pounds, hey, it was a very long cold winter I needed a little extra protection.

We went to our favorite spots, watched the many birds that are back feverishly building new nests to accommodate their new arrivals, and we enjoyed being out walking by the water and seeing the geese swim and fly around with no threat of being shot. We walked back slowly, I was enjoying the warmth of the sun on my back, it felt foreign somehow. We arrived home and Jake of course ran to his water dish and waited for his after walk treat. My beautiful children came over and we bbq’d and laughed until unfortunately it was time for my sons to leave. I’m always a little sad when we say our goodbyes, time goes by so fast and my babies are now bringing me plants and flowers, driving trucks and living as adults. I am truly blessed.

I let Jake out on the back deck to take in maybe the last hour of sunlight and I heard a commotion out back. I ran out and Jake
has a raccoon cornered. He wanted to get this strange looking cat off the deck. Jake was barking and trying to grab the foot of this poor scared creature. I had a time grabbing the dog, he didn’t have his collar on so it was a bit trying, however, I broke Jake’s brain frenzy and got him safely in the house. Lucky for my dog the raccoon was young and not, apparently accustomed to protecting it self. Time will sure change that. If that had been Mama or Papa raccoon, that confrontation could have turned out badly.

Raccoons can carry a number of parasites and disease which can be transmitted to our cats and dogs. The most common types that pose a threat are: rabies, distemper, mange, roundworm and the list goes on. All our pets that frequent outdoors, especially in wooded areas, should be all up to date on their vaccines. VERY IMPORTANT. Outdoor pets should always be brought in at night.

Not only is the danger of transmission of disease, which is bad enough, raccoon have been known to kill cats and small dogs and badly injure big dogs. Let’s also not forget our black and white stripped animals that are roaming for food at night, that’s right, the fearless skunks. How many of us have had our pets and yes even our children sprayed by a skunk? Not pleasant. Lot’s of tomato juice.

Recommendations for all of the above, keep all garbage in bins so the night critters can’t get at it. Bring in of course your pets at night and watch out for the young raccoon, they are very bold.

Also remember, do not leave your dog in the car in the heat this summer. Leave them at home where they are cool and safe. If you do see a dog in a car in distress call 911 immediately and the police will get the animal out. Unless the animal is near death, then I would personally smash the window to safe them. That’s just me.

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