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Creativity at Montreal Palais des Congrès


The Palais des Congrès (Convention Centre) is known as a place for international, professional, and political gatherings, but now the iconic building presiding over the east-downtown section of the Ville Marie Expressway wants to be also known as a place for artistic creativity. Since April 8 “Les Printemps du Palais” (“The Convention Centre’s Springtime”) will be hosting the creations of artists, designers, and artisans adding a note of playfulness and reflection among the visitors to the place. “The lineup spans pop-up works, interactive installations and public living spaces, offered against the backdrop of typically springtime activities for young and old alike,” reads the press release issued by the Palais.

Montreal Palais des Congrès Bear

“With Les Printemps du Palais, we are inviting Montréalers to discover their Palais and enjoy some unforgettable experiences,” declared Robert Mercure, President and CEO of the Palais des congrès de Montréal. “This initiative speaks to the new vision of the Palais and will enable us to stand out from the world’s other convention centres by focusing on one of the city’s major assets: its community of bold creatives,” he added during the opening of the event this past Monday.

“Art and design play a key role in the transformation of public spaces. Thanks to the lineup we’ve assembled for Les Printemps du Palais, both local and international visitors will have the opportunity to experience moments that are typically Montréal, and that reflect the city’s creative energy. There’s been a shift in how business is done today, and by bringing art and culture into the mix, the Palais is rising above its competitors in the field. We are very pleased to help Robert Mercure and his team realize their new vision for this Montréal landmark” indicated Philippe Demers, CEO of MASSIVart.

Ping Pong tables, pieces of design at Montreal Palais des Congrès

The works include some installations like “Maple Syrup Cans – An ode to sugaring off season,” by Montreal artist Whatisadam, aka WIA, situated near the entrance on Bleury St. There is also a more utilitarian display of furniture, exercise equipment, and a ping pong table which reflects the creative aspect of design. Perhaps the most impressive work is “The Galeries du Palais Bear – Recycled cardboard art” by Laurence Vallières, a Montreal artist known for her super-sized sculptures made of salvaged cardboard. In various locations there are public pianos, which have been personalized by local artists, such as La Charbonne, Cyndie Belhumeur and Maylee Keo, these instruments are also an invitation to anyone willing to play.

For detailed information and visiting times you can go to the website

Feature image: Montreal Palais des Congrès Chairs to relax and a design to admire

By: Sergio Martinez – info@mtltimes.ca
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