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Dr. Jordana Delnick has knack with children


New dentist seeks patients on West Island


Dr. Jordana Delnick is a young and enthusiastic dentist who is seeking new patients. Although she works well with patients of all ages, Dr. Delnick has a particular talent in working with children. She is established in a clinic in Dollard des Ormeaux (DDO) where five other dentists and a periodontist also practice.


A four-year-old patient relaxes before a visit with Dr. Jordana Delnick. After the visit, he chose a toy motorbike from the gift box...
A four-year-old patient relaxes before a visit with Dr. Jordana Delnick. After the visit, he chose a toy motorbike from the gift box…

“I chose to do my dental studies at Laval University in Quebec City, graduating in 2012,” Dr. Delnick told The Times. “I spent the past year in Toronto, completing a multidisciplinary residency program there at The Hospital for Sick Children. This program focused on treating both medically compromised and healthy children in a hospital setting.”


“Now I am practicing general family dentistry in a dental clinic next to Tiny Tots in the West Island Health Center. My expertise includes standard cleanings, fillings, crowns and bridges, emergencies and root canal treatments. Implants are referred to our resident periodontist (a specialist with gums and other structures surrounding the teeth).”


With regards to her abilities with children, Dr. Delnick is modest. “Depending on the kid’s personality, he or she might respond better with soft touch or voice.” After a visit, her young patients are allowed to grab a toy from a large box as a reward for good behavior.


She also offers advice about kids and dentistry: “It is better to bring kids to dentists early; before there are problems rather than kids having to go through lengthy procedures, which even adults have a hard time with.” Dr. Delnick stresses that a child’s first visit to a dentist will probably be influential in determining his or her psychological perception of future visits. So it is ideal that the experience is a positive one. Kids are sometimes brought in only after a trauma, resulting in cracked or misplaced teeth.


She emphasizes the importance of developing good relationships between children and dentists before such emergencies arise. “Fear about dentists is transmitted to kids. It’s best for parents not to talk too much about what will happen at the dentist’s clinic, especially about the needle…” Children who develop such fears may, throughout the rest of their lives, avoid going to see dentists when they really need to.


Dr. Delnick also dispenses the standard advice about avoiding sweet and sticky food, citing fruit roll-ups as among the worst causes of tooth decay. She also reminds the public that Quebec Medicare covers most dental expenses for children up to age 10.


“As a family dentist, I treat adults, too. Parents can be seen at the same dentist as their children. I am happiest when helping patients.”


Dr. Jordana Delnick

West Island Family Dental Center

3400 rue du Marché #201, DDO



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