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Drinking wine to be happy

Marco Giovanetti – mtltimes.ca

Drinking wine to be happy – If you are reading this column, most likely you enjoy drinking wine & spirits. Hopefully at least every now and then. And if you drink on a regular basis like myself you’ve probably been lectured on the negative consequences of alcohol consumption and the negative the issues arising from activities like drinking and driving. With so much negative environment about alcohol, why do people still drink it? My opinion: it’s good for the soul and drinking wine makes me happy.

Drinking is a magical potion for the soul. It helps people unwind and relax. It can bring down your stress level. It breaks the ice when people are over concerned with issues regarding work, family, friends, etc. So, drinking may have negative health implications, especially if over consumed, but in moderation it can make for a healthier and happier lifestyle overall.

To illustrate this point, a bunch of scientists based in England created an application – the Mappiness app – to assist them in whether or not happiness levels are directly correlated with drinking. The app tracks the user throughout the day and asks them how happy they are on a scale of 1 to 100 – for some this may sound outrageously absurd, who wants to be asked how happy they are when they’re feeling unhappy? Not plain people, that’s for sure. But, they curiously got 31,000 people to use the app between 2010 and 2013, generating over 2 million responses and allowing them to create an enormous database.

With this information, the researchers realized, that happiness levels go up when people consume alcohol. With this discovery the scientists took their findings to the next level: they investigated whether specific activities affected the amount of happiness derived from drinking. To do this, the Mappiness app asked its users what they were doing and who they were doing it with. Upon this development, the scientists came to the conclusion that drinking has different effects on levels of happiness depending on what kind of activity the drinker is doing. It’s most effective when drinkers are doing tedious tasks, such as commuting and waiting, and least influential when they’re doing stimulating activities, such as socializing, admiring art, or having sex. In conclusion, drinking makes fun activities slightly more enjoyable while it significantly eases the pain of doing unwanted activities.

At the end, the scientists realized that drinking only brings happiness levels up for a short period of time. This means that it makes you happy at the moment, but does not do anything to contribute in the long term. Also, if drinkers become reliant on alcohol to boost their happiness, it can actually make them less happy.

In conclusion, this research essentially confirms what we already knew: that drinking is fun, stimulating, and healthy in moderation and can quickly deteriorate when is used excessively.

Wines to make you happy

François Lurton Les Fumées Blanches 2016

( France, Côtes-de-Gascogne)

SAQ # 00643700. $13.95

On the nose, citrus and green apple nuances with a hint of passionfruit and fresh cut grass. On the mouth, medium body and crisp with more citrus and floral nuances and light smoky finish. Pair it with smoked salmon or tuna tartare.

Régine Sumeire Pétale de Rose 2016

( France, Côtes de Provence)

SAQ # 00425496. $19.10

Pretty citrus and red berries aromas such as strawberry and yellow cherries. On the mouth, this gastronomical rose is quite structured but with an excellent acidity that gives them harmony and finesse. Lovely persistent finale. Definitely a wine that will grace your summer patio suppers. Enjoy it with grilled fish or seafood dishes.

Guy Mousset & Fils, Tendance Caladoc 2016

( France, Sorgues)

Private Import. $25.20- Charton Hobbs Quebec

Caladoc is an hybrid grape born with the union of Grenache and Malbec. It is made in one of the oldests parts of the Rhone, Clos Saint-Michel. Lovely nose that displays, raspberry, cantaloupe, and red orange nuances. Crisp and dry with a good acidity. Harmonious finale. Pair with mediterranean cous cous dishes or with a seafood paella.

MontGras Quatro 2016, ( Chile, Colchagua Valley)

SAQ # 11331737 $15.85

( On sale, until the 22th of may)

Roasted currants, dark cherry, violets, cocoa and adobo in a peppery background. Round and enveloping in the mouth. Exquisite flavors of havana cigar, eucalyptus with a hint of bay leaf and stewed prunes. Firm and velvety tannins with a racy finale. Pair it with with a roasted pork fillet and BBQ adobo.

To see the article in the Montreal Times 22.66 May 13, 2017 edition please click on the above image






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