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Elder mistreatment helpline launches new website


The Elder Mistreatment Helpline/La Ligne aide abus aînés (LAAA) is launching a new redesigned website to help counter elder abuse and and raise public awareness about mistreatment of older adults. “Besides finding it more user-friendly, anyone concerned about the situation of mistreatment of older adults will find this much improved tool to be more informative and comprehensive”, said Sylvie Bouchard, coordinator of the LAAA.

The LAAA processes thousands of calls from the population as well as professional consultation requests every year. With so many calls coming in to the provincial telephone hotline and more people seeking information and assistance every year online it was time to upgrade the website. The new digital platform will make it easier for  older adults, their families, friends, and service providers to identify and respond to specific types of elder abuse including physical, psychological, financial and material abuse, as well as violations of the rights of older adults. 

Examples of the new features include the ability for web users who are visually impaired to increase the text size on the web pages. A new research module also makes it easy to find answers with just a few mouse clicks. And the site now works just as well on a computer, a tablet, or a smart phone.

In addition, the LAAA site comprises a new section dedicated to cultural communities where brochures in Italian, Greek, Spanish, Arabic, Portuguese and Cantonese can be found as well as a list of organizations offering assistance to particular communities. 

“This new section will help us develop greater links with seniors from various cultural origins by breaking down linguistic barriers,” Bouchard said. “This will support our objective to raise awareness about the issue of mistreatment and break down the isolation in which these seniors find themselves.”  The site is available in both English and French, just like the older version.

The provincial telephone help and referral line for elder abuse victims has been operating for more than eight years now and is in great demand. “We are proud of the work accomplished and will continue to counter abuse in Québec”, Bouchard said.  “The Elder Mistreatment Helpline is now considered an essential resource.” 

“Ever since its launch, the Elder Mistreatment Helpline has played a key role in providing much-needed assistance to vulnerable seniors who are a victim of abuse”, said Dr. Lawrence Rosenberg, President and CEO of CIUSSS West-Central Montreal. “Since the elderly constitute an ever-increasing segment of the population, satisfying their evolving requirements and their need for better and more easily accessible online and digital information is among our most important priorities.” 

The online request for consultation form has been enhanced to better meet the needs of practitioners from the health and social services network, community organizations, and the financial sector across Quebec.  The “Tools and Documents” section features new material for practitioners and professionals, such as guides, and tools to better identify potential situations of mistreatment and reference documents.

“This is characteristic of our CIUSSS to provide the elderly not only with medical treatment, but with a broad range of essential healthcare and social services that meet their evolving needs in a wide range of circumstances,” Rosenberg said. 

To visit the new LAAA website, click here: https://www.aideabusaines.ca/en/  

To Call: 1-888-489-2287 

Seven days a week 8 AM to 8 PM 

By: Deborah Rankin – info@mtltimes.ca
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