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Encourage calmness in pets with reiki


There is a hilarious scene from Dr Doolittle with Eddie Murphy in which a hyper dog is desperate to have Eddie’s character throw a ball. The dog is seen jumping up and down begging for the ball to be thrown and when it finally is thrown, the dog erupts with joy screaming “I love you!” over and over again as it races back with the ball in its mouth, eager to have the ball thrown again, and again and again….you get the idea. In a movie it’s funny, but in real life that is exhausting, especially when an animal is like that most of the time. If this example reminds you of your beloved pet and you would like to help your pet, consider Pet Reiki to encourage calmness.

Why are some animals so hyper in the first place? Some are by nature high strung with lots of energy, others are feeling stress and anxiety brought on by changes in circumstances such as a move or being left alone all day, while others may need extra attention and they are not getting it.

So what is Pet Reiki you may ask, and how is it going to help my hyper pet?  First let me explain what Reiki is. Reiki is Japanese energy healing that uses the energy that is around us to facilitate healing. The basis of the principal behind Reiki is to take the energy that we physically create in our body and the energy that is all around and using special techniques, the Practitioner or Reiki Master channels that energy to the client. If all of this sounds ridiculous to you, I have a small test for you. Hold your hands, palms facing each other about 1-2 inches apart. Now slowly bring your hands together but do not let them touch each other. Now slowly pull your hands back to their starting position. Repeat this process several times until you begin to feel a heaviness or resistance between your hands. Do you feel it? That is the energy that your own body produces. That is some of the energy that is channeled.

Animals are able to tune into subtle energy shifts, and are therefore very receptive to Reiki energy. Do your pets know when there is going to be a storm before you do? That is because they can feel the energy shift. Many times within a few minutes of the healing session with a pet, the changes can be seen right away. For example: I had one client who had a very unhappy, hyperactive rabbit. Within a few minutes of beginning treatment from a distance as the rabbit could not be still, he came to me, laid down in front of me and completely relaxed. His owner was shocked and told me that he never did that; in fact he would only ever do anything like that when he was in his cage at the end of the day.  Why did the rabbit do that? The simple answer is that he knew that he needed it.  For some time after, this particular rabbit became calmer and more co-operative according to his owner.

I do not want to give the impression that Reiki is a quick fix though. With people or animals there also needs to be changes made in lifestyle, environment and behaviour that embrace the change that Reiki facilities.  By this I mean, just as people need a healthy diet, exercise and a comfortable, safe, loving and supportive place to rest at the end of the day, so do our pets. Without such an environment, any treatment whether it is for humans or pets, will have only short term effects.

So if you would like a calmer pet without resorting to chemical treatments or restrictive methods, consider trying Pet Reiki.

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Jade Horner-Chinappi, CH, RM is a Certified Hypnotherapist with the National Guild of Hypnotists. She is also a Reiki Master. She holds certification in Psycho-Spiritual Tarot, Spiritual Coaching, Quantum Touch, and Emotional Freedom Techniques.

Tarot Readings can be booked for weddings, bachelorette parties and other special occasions, contact Jade for more information.

Her website is www.LetYourSpiritGrow.com.  She can be reached via telephone at: 514-680-3278 or by email @ jadecreations@yahoo.com.






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