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Flea and tick awareness


I love this time of year.  The cool nights,  great for sleeping,  the birds, if you haven’t noticed are getting ready to take flight to the warm tropics for the winter.


Jake likes the cool weather also.  Even though his coat is short, if he’s running in the heat,  he can still get dehydrated,  so his time running is limited.  He’s not happy.   When the fall comes, he knows he can run as long as he wants without over heating.   I like to find a nice wooded area where he can be free.  The leaves change into a vibrant painting of color, the air is crisp as your walking through the layers of fallen leaves.  Jake is in his glory.  This dog can run all day if I let him.  I also know that while we are enjoying this time outside, he is protected against nasty parasites such as ticks and fleas.


Fleas enjoy warm temperatures, so when the temperature drops, they hop on to a nice warm host.  But believe it or not,  ticks can survive in near freezing temperatures.  Ticks are definitely harder than fleas and tougher to kill.


Fleas can lay 20 to 40 eggs per day for several weeks, and they start laying soon after feeding,  GROSS.  The longer they are on the host, the more eggs produced.  Ticks on the other hand, can lay potentially thousands of eggs at once.  GROSS. But after that it dies.  Adult fleas can live for more than 100 days, ticks can live from a few weeks to up to 3 years  They are patient predators.


With that in mind, I have always used Advantage on my animals this time of year.  Fleas can also cause tapeworm in your pet and of course the tick carries Lyme disease.  So the sooner you see the problem the better you and your animal will be in the long run.   Flea collars  only kill these unwanted guests around the neck line,  think about it,  the flea has to be pretty close to the collar for the effect, so they get wise and make a dash to the base of the tail where they enjoy feasting for all.  Plus the animal is inhaling this pesticide for weeks.


Advantage is a one drop stop.  One drop on the base of the neck for cat’s and dog’s and  PRESTO. No more freeloaders.  Make sure also, if they have already come a calling in your home,  treat the animals bedding, and carpets,  floor boards also,  they love to live in cracks in your floor.  But prevention is key.


If you find a tick on your cat or dog, the skin around the bit will get irritated, causing the animal to scratch.  Remove with tweezers.  Grasp the tick close to it’s head and gently pull from skin.  Clean the area, polysporin is a good idea.   Don’t let these parasites stop you from going for a great fall walk with your beloved companions,  go to your vet and pick  up some advantage and  ENJOY.


Till next time.

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