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Bishop and Bagg 3rd anniversary and launching of new Negroni menu


Bishop and Bagg went all out on their 3rd anniversary, with the launching of their new Negroni menu.  Since the cocktail was born in the 1920s, the pub was transformed into a 1920s Florentian terrasse, with gingham tablecloths and parasols.  The staff also played their part, donning elegant costumes from that era.

Count Negroni himself (Owner Toby Lyle, who was costumed and sporting an aristocratic mustache for the event) was on hand to tell the story of how he had invented his namesake cocktail.  He explained that he had become bored with his traditional pre-dinner Americano cocktail, and since he had just travelled to England and had developed a taste for gin, he asked his bartender to add some gin to his Americano cocktail, instead of the standard soda water.  The Negroni was born.

Bishop and Bagg have decided to take the Negroni cocktail a step further.  With their new Negroni menu, they offer patrons an extensive choice of gins, bitters and camparis, the total of which, they claim, would allow for a quarter of a million possibilities.  Ultimately the choice is yours, since you decide how your cocktail will be mixed.

This new Negroni cocktail menu that will surely attract die-hard fans of the famous cocktail and those who will want to discover it in the best possible circumstances.

Impressive gin collection (over a hundred different kinds)!

There are many other cocktail possibilities to discover apart from the Negroni at Bishop and Bag.  There are a team of expert mixologists eager to work their magic.

Bishop and Bagg birthday cake

Negronis will vary in price from $12 to $22, depending on the ingredients chosen.

Bishop and Bagg

52 St-Viateur Ouest

Feature image: Co-owners Toby Lyle ( Count Negroni) and Paul Desbaillets (Italian gent)

By: Anne McDougall –

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