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Cookie diet for weight loss & healthy lifestyle


It is not a cookie, it is a meal!


Smart for Life is a program where participants can lose weight by eating cookies and other specially-designed snacks. Eating cookies to lose weight might sound like a contradiction, but there is considerable wisdom behind the idea. This diet was developed by a doctor who had to overcome his own weight problem in his 20s. Dr. Sass Moulavi, who specializes in treatment of obesity from Harvard Medical School and specializes in Anti-Aging Medicine from the American Academy, wrote a book entitled “Smart for Life” describing how, as a young physician, he packed on an extra 40 pounds until he learned how to shed the extra weight and keep it off forever.


Smart for Life is not a starvation diet; it is:

  • simple, easy to follow, nutritionally balanced & delicious
  • convenient
  • not necessary to spend much time in the kitchen, weighing foods & cooking.
  • on-the-go meals and snacks for busy people
  • it’s not a cookie, it’s a meal

Smart For Life promotes weight loss; the program includes six small meals spread throughout the day; eating mostly natural and healthy foods without preservatives. The cookies are nutritious. Because they are so easily portable, you carry them with you and eat them instead of giving into temptation and junk foods.

Eating small meals tends to increase body metabolism; our ability to burn fat. And apart from the well-known cookies, Smart for Life also offers alternative easily-portable snacks such as protein bars, soups, shakes, and granola bars, etc in various flavours. All of these are to be supplemented with light, healthy meals that help control hunger, helps boost metabolism, and support healthy cardiovascular function…

Smart for Life clients tend to lose between 10 and 15 pounds. And there are programs specifically designed for children.

The idea of cookie diets has been around for many years and Women’s Health Magazine recently voted Smart for Life to be “the best of the bunch.” Smart for Life is available online. Clients can visit the local outlet on Decarie Blvd that serves as the Canadian branch office for the U.S.-based company.

Open:     Mon.: 9 am – 6 pm    Tues—Fri.: 9 am – 5 pm    Sat.:   Closed       Sun.: 10 am – 3 pm

Smart for Life Canada

6525 Décarie Blvd (X Plamondon)
514.489.8840       1.877.601.7277



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