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Portions Montreal: A new way of Loving Food


Portions ,now in its first year of operations, is an online and retail food company started by Ryan Hutman and his father Aaron Hutman that targets busy people that still desire to eat healthy. They believe that healthy eating is not only possible in our fast paced world but that food that is good for you can actually taste great!

The Food and the Customer

Portions meals are for everyone suitable for men, women and even children.

Breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks are calibrated by calories to the needs of the client. Meals are portioned: protein and two sides weighed individually, packaged fresh and served cold to customers set to be heated

in an oven or microwave. There are snacks and menu choices that kids love.

Women who demand smaller portions will be accommodated just like athletes who require nutritionally packed larger portions. All meal offerings are well balanced regardless if it is a snack or medium sized meal.

Food ingredients do include some organic but are always fresh never canned nor frozen. Options include fish, chicken, vegetables and fruit as well as many gluten and lactose free choices. Customers can have spaghetti squash

instead of pasta for their vegetable ratatouille or they may choose to sample gluten free pasta. Bottom line it all tastes great and the ingredients are nutritionally beneficial . At Portions healthy eating is anything but limited and individuals will be pleasantly surprised by the menu variety.

Order and


At Portions customers can walk into their locations and choose meals from the well stocked showcases. They may choose to place an order in advance or online. Clients can order  multiple weeks worth of food “challenges” that better focus weight gain or loss objectives.

Delivery takes place twice a week for the challenges otherwise there is a $25.00 order minimum for delivery to home or office.

Ryan Hutman, who is a personal trainer, has helped many clients create a fitness program customized to the fitness goals of clients. By controlling what clients eat goals are easily attainable. Portions is much more than a delivery service of healthy eating it is an educational lifestyle force.

For some it takes time to experience eating properly, three proper meals and two snacks. In either case Ryan and Portions are there to guide customers through the food challenge program.

In the future be on the lookout for Portions at food courts , inside gyms, and senior homes. More populous locations would be ideal for busy business professionals who have little time for a meal break but demand quality healthy food. Portions corporate meal programs meet that demand.

From the early stages of menu planning and creation  Jasmine Ghouddousi RD a registered dietician- nutritionist has had a strong input. Her passion to help people attain their optimum health is very much in line with the mandate of what Portions is all about.

Aaron Hutman not only helps supply the business, he also is a consumer.

Aaron took part in the Portions program himself and claims that combining Portions with regular exercise, he has lost 20 lbs so far.  There is a high credibility factor when the owners of the business are also best customers.

Portions is setting out to be THE healthy choice for stressed and busy lives. It is meals-to-go, meals-delivered, made fresh from scratch and the best part is, all the thought and care you must put in, to manage a healthy lifestyle, is already done for you.

Portions headquarters is located at

Depot De L’mportateur, 1700 Autoroute, Laval, Laval QC H7S 2E7. You can reach them by phone at (514) 757-1222 or

email:  For more information please visit:


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