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Smoke Meat Pete – The place to eat


By: Sabrina Cipriani

Smoke Meat Pete – Extravagant and fun are words I would use to describe Pete’s annual Birthday bash/reopening!  He always delivers and never disappoints!  Held on Saturday March 8th, Pete and his love Melanie who is always by his side making sure things are running smooth were having a night to remember!

IMG_8957          Every year, Smoke Meat Pete’s closes down for the month of February to give the staff some time for some well deserved R & R.  When Pete’s birthday comes around it’s time to reopen with a hell of a bash.  Music all day and night till closing time.  Pete who has owned the restaurant for 18 years now, is so full of life and spunk, he is the chef and loves to jump on stage and play his guitar with the band.  Great chef and musician!

Live Blues every night!

As I sat there and ate delicious food and listened to the band play, it brought me back to my days in Memphis.  Walking in and out of restaurants on Beale Street that hosted blues bands of all kinds.  Elvis Presley would have adored Smoke Meat Pete’s!  The food and music is exactly what he loved about Memphis.

“Why cook?  When Smoke Meat Pete’s can do this for you?”

IMG_8972 Open 7 days a week, Sunday to Wednesday 9am to 11pm, Thursday to Saturday from 9am till 1am.  Kid friendly, kids menu, family style, full bar, everyone is welcome, park your motorcycle, SUV or Corolla outside, they have plenty of parking spaces and come on in for food that you will never taste anywhere else.  Pete puts his own recipes and his own twist on all food items.  He pours his love in his work and then has his chance to jump on stage and full fill another dream….blues!

This year’s renovations were made outside, beautiful deck around the restaurant with heat for those colder days that we at times have here in Quebec. The outside shines with blues artists’ pictures! A landmark establishment with friendly faces, friendly staff, as Julia, Pete’s daughter  runs around trying to make sure everyone gets their order.  Sylvia (staff member) graced us with her beautiful voice on stage, she sang some blues including “Big Boss Man” as Pete played guitar next to her.  When she finished, she said, Pete has the biggest heart in the world!

IMG_8976 2    Some regular customers, Ken and his wife Valerie, Stan and his wife Pat come all the way from Rivière-Beaudette.  They were sitting back in their chairs loving the music.  They never miss Pete’s birthday!  Some favorites of theirs are the steak and ribs.  Ken says, “They are dynamite and the service is great!”

When I arrived, the line-up was long, everyone was waiting patiently and enjoying the music, you are never long in line, service is quick and efficient.  Melanie had placed balloons everywhere inside and outside, big and small for the night’s celebration.  Smoke Meat Pete’s is quaint, wooden benches, wooden tables and chairs, perfect ambiance.  It has that feel of a roadhouse we see in the movies!  You order at the counter and Julia or Melanie yell out your name to find you and voila your meal served to you at your table with an old fashioned twist to it.

I had the chance to speak with David Divine; he was drumming with the Hawk n Roll band before he had to leave for another gig.  He plays there a few times a year, but he still stops in on other occasions to eat because the food is so good.

The band Hawk n Roll is headed by lead singer Francis “Hawk” Hayward, he joked around and sang some old favorites such as “Mojo Working”, the customers even joined in singing.  He sang, “Gypsy Woman” and a classic, “Can’t Beat Pete’s Meat”.  The entertainment even included some customers, one woman went up and sang, “Mustang Sally”, she rocked the house.  One man was so nervous before he got up, he was pacing the whole evening waiting for his turn and smiling with excitement, he brought a different angle to the music.  He showed off his harmonica skills while his friends threw panties, bras and scarves at him for fun!  The crowd got a hoot with that.

IMG_8979  Julia and Melanie brought out the cake for Pete to blow out his candles. I believe he turned 30 this year…wink…wink.  He doesn’t look a day over 25; he has the energy of a young boy, bouncing around the restaurant talking to familiar faces, hugging patrons that he has known for years.  Fooling around with his wife Melanie and standing on the table with excitement.

Let’s talk about the food, everything I ate was amazing, I already knew that coming in, I had been there many times in the past, I got my family hooked on Pete’s Smoke Meat.  My family always stops there on their way to pick apples or pumpkins at a local place near by.  Sometimes they just wake up and call each other and say, let’s take a drive to Pete’s.

Although tonight I had the chance to try more items on the menu, the steak… OMG…. is what came out of my mouth when I had my first bit…OMG, very tender.  That was the best tasting steak I have ever had.  When I went to the back to check out Pete’s kitchen, he showed me the homemade recipe of seasoning and garlic that he uses to cook the steaks.  The garlic is so subtle, that with the spices is a perfect combination of flavor.  The rib steak sells for $19.95.  The steak comes on an iron like frying pan which is placed on an old fashioned wooden plate; at the end of the plate is room for a bowl of fries.  Pete’s famous fries, made from scratch.  If you only want fries, they ring up at $3.50.

IMG_8967    Try there potato latkes for $3.25, I ate those last time I was there, they are much better than the ones I made, mine fell apart while they were frying.  But Pete’s are very tasty and worth a nibble.

Onto the ribs, they sell for $17.95 for half a rack, a full rack sells for $29.95; they are big dinosaur looking ribs.  You need some time to eat them.  When I took a bite, I needed to take another, and another to make sure every bite was as delicious as the first.  Just the right amount of yummy sauce on the ribs, they are mouth watering.

Pete’s liver is worth a taste, we always need to keep our iron levels up, and he sears it to a perfect temperature.  The liver is only $14.50; all main meals come with coleslaw, dill, bread and potatoes of your choice.

We can’t forget about the mother of all meals, the Smoke Meat, its fantastic!  The taste is worth the drive over to Pete’s.  If you order smoke meat lean it is $9.75 and for the regular it is $7.25.  They have jumbo options if you’re very hungry that day.  The pickles were crunchy, the coleslaw had a sensational tang to it that is hard to describe.  Everything was so good, right down to the butter that I spread on my bread.  I like to think of myself as a connoisseur of butter and margarine, I thought it was homemade; the taste was perfect and the right temperature.  I had to ask Melanie, if it was indeed homemade, she laughed and said, “It’s Saputo”.  I laughed and said to my friend, I must be loosing my touch.

IMG_9027   Next time I must try the smoke meat spaghetti plate, it looks scrumptious, Pete makes it with his own homemade sauce for $10.95, and there is a lean option for $13.45.

When Pete hit that stage, one song he played for us, was GLORIA, the crowd went wild singing along.  Pete thanked everyone for coming out and helping him celebrate; he hoped everyone was having a great time.

On the stage, the wooden frame behind holds a sticker that says;


As you drive into L’ile Perrot, you can’t miss the newly renovated on the outside SMOKE MEAT PETE!

You can’t miss it, the trucks outside will lure you in with their slogan,     “Can’t Beat

Pete’s Meat”!

Like them on FACEBOOK, this gives you a chance to keep up to date on which bands are playing when!

Call them at 514-425-6068 or fax at 514-425-3354

Email at:

info@smokemeatpete.com   Catering options available for any kind of event. Take Out available as well!

Check out their new website, its up and running and looks sharp:


Somke meat Pete

283  1st Ave

L’ile Perrot, Quebec

J7V 5A1


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