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For the love of music: New City Gas


By Alyssa De Rosa

If you’ve never been to a rave or an afterhours but enjoy the loud, thumping, trance feeling house and electronic music has to offer then your best bet would be to stop by New City Gas. Located in an industrial part of the city, otherwise known as Griffintown, New City Gas has become the go-to venue for popular, mainstream DJ’s like David Guetta, Bauer, Steve Angelo (Swedish House Mafia), etc…In June, New City Gas celebrated its one year anniversary, and despite rumours of a possible closure, NCG is here to stay.

When first arriving at the venue, the music is loud and vibrates through the walls, filling the air outside with energy and excitement as people wait in line to get stamped and checked by a variety of bouncers. Needless to say, security is tight and efficient. Unlike many club venues in the city, NCG has the capacity to hold over 2000 people. The main room is huge and consists of the dance floor, main bar area, VIP lounges situated above the dance floor, and the stage where DJs perform. One of the main differences between New City Gas and other clubs is the experience fans get when they’re immersed in the atmosphere. Guests are taking part in a club/concert experience, where the alcohol is flowing and the music is continuous.  The stage is raised just above the dance floor which guarantees a good view of the acts as well as screens above the stage, giving guests the ultimate show.

But, before New City Gas came to be, the industrial building located on Ottawa street played a monumental role in Montreal history. The building was built between 1859 and 1861 and despite losing some parts of the building in the 1920’s, the New City Gas complex remains intact and is a staple in this city’s urban culture. It was built during the industrialization of the city, providing production and distribution of gas. In order to preserve this piece of history, in 1987, Heritage Montreal asked the City of Montreal to protect New City Gas by naming it a historic monument. Then, in 2007, when the Griffintown project was underway, Devimco ensured that the complex would be preserved and recognized as it was in the 19th century. Since then, the New City Gas complex was not only preserved but revolutionized into one of the biggest and most popular venue’s in the city and across the world.

So, what make’s New City Gas the hottest venue in Montreal? Owner Alex K says it’s top secret!

“New City Gas is a multi-functional/multi-disciplinary music venue,” he explains. Its unique architecture contributes to the effect the venue has on its customers. “Once inside, the immersive light and visual show captures you,” K explains. “It’s spell bounding.”

K’s main goal when opening NCG’s doors was to be recognized as one of the top venues in the world. One year later and this venue has seen the likes of worldwide talents such as Kaskade, Armin Van Buuren, Swedish House Mafia, 2 Chains and countless others. It has become a staple in the Electronic Dance Music world. K promises that this upcoming year, fans can expect many more shows, new concepts and innovations.

A club’s success is hard to measure, especially in Montreal where clubs tend to die out after a couple of years. If it’s trendy it’s successful.

“Success is measured when you exceed expectations and surpass your goals, we have done both,” K says.  “It’s been very rewarding and flattering…even after a year, people send us messages telling us what a magical night they’ve lived at NCG.”

For the love of music and the itch to be surrounded by lights, energy, and good vibes, check out New City Gas’ website at www.newcitygas.com.



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