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Getting a driving license in Quebec


Canada has accomplished a program that plays a significant role in ensuring a standardized process of acquiring a driving license in each province. Each province has its steps, requirements, and process of getting a driving license for all the drivers.

Montreal is a city in Canada that has the second largest population. It is the principal conurbation of the province of Quebec. Getting a driving license in Quebec is one of the first significant approaches that a person can embrace towards individual unconventionality.

The process of receiving a driving license in Quebec involves progressing through the graduated licensing requirements.

The Requirements

The first thing is that you will need to get familiar with the requirements that are essential in the application process of a driving license in Quebec. A compulsory requirement is that a person will be required to pass a test examining the visual ability of the applicant. The key reason for the vision test is to make sure that the applicant does not have any vision disorder. Before taking the vision test, it is always advisable to first get to the doctor to get the corrective lenses that might be necessary. In Quebec, it is a requirement to have at least sixteen years of age, and the candidates who are below the age of eighteen will need consent from their parent or guardian.

Registration of a driving course

It is a requirement to take an AQTR approved driving course. During the course, the applicant will undergo a practical and classroom study.

Obtaining a Learners License

After passing the first phase of the process, you will now be eligible to progress to getting a learner’s license. Visit the SAAQ service center with your supporting documents that may include a passport or a birth certificate or merely an SAAQ ID. It is also a requirement that you produce your health insurance card or any other document that validates your right to drive a vehicle in Quebec. During this phase, a fee of $13.97 will be paid to continue with the process.

Personal Practice

With your learner’s license, you can always begin your personal driving practice within the roads in Quebec as long as you adhere to particular conditions and avoiding specific practices at this level. With a learner’s license, you are only allowed to drive around with an approved driving instructor. When you have not registered for a course, it is a requirement to drive around with an accompanying driver.

Taking the Knowledge Test

After holding a learner’s license for a minimum of ten months, a person is now eligible to take the Knowledge test. You can always practice and prepare for the SAAQ knowledge testto familiarize yourself with the kind of questions that might be tested during the actual test.

When you feel prepared and comfortable enough, you will need to book an appointment with the SAAQ service center for the test. A fee of $10 will be charged for the test.

In case a person fails the test, he or she will be requested to wait for twenty-eight days before attempting a retest.

Road Test

For the road test, you will need to present your SAAQ ID, learner’s license, or any document that will prove your identity. A fee of $38.25 will be charged for both your license and the road test.

After passing the road test, a provincial license will be given to you, and you will need to use it for a minimum of twenty-four months.

After the completion of the twenty-four months, you can now be given a full license after meeting all the requirements.

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